9 Vase Shapes to Show off Your Fresh Flower Arrangements

When a flower delivery service shows up at your door, it’s exciting! Bouquets are gorgeous and add color, texture, and fragrance to the home. However, the next time an arrangement shows up at your door, think before you grab your trusty vase. There are many vase shapes and materials out there, and here’s our guide on what to reach for next time you receive a stunning bouquet. 

Materials for Vase Styles

Before we get into different types of vases, let’s talk about construction. After all, knowing what your container is made of can help you decide where to place your arrangement. Here are a few popular materials for various types of vases for flowers. 


Perhaps the most popular material for vases, glass is beautiful. Whether it’s clear, blue, green, or another hue, a transparent vessel allows the stems to show through. Another perk of glass is that you can see when you need to change the water and if any foliage is deteriorating under the waterline. 


If you have children or curious pets in the house, metal is a fabulous option. Not only is the material safe from breakage, but metal can be formed into an exciting variety of shapes to hold your flower arrangements. 


Under ceramics, you could also categorize porcelain and other breakable vintage pieces that have a pattern, such as flowers or lines. A ceramic vase can add a stylish element depending on the design shown on its surface. 


A more expensive vessel than glass, crystal serves the same purpose of being see-through while adding beauty. Crystal often features cuttings and etchings that add value to the vase and showcase the blooms’ softness. 


Although it’s a unique material, wood also doesn’t shatter. However, you need to ensure that your vessel is leak-proof and holds water without it seeping through the grain. 

Flower Vase Shapes

Cylinder Vase

When it comes to vase shapes, cylindrical is one of the most basic. The geometry is that of a typical cylinder, which has a circular base with straight sides. These types of vases are ideal for supporting large, sturdy blooms, such as peonies, roses, and sunflowers. You can place a mixed bouquet inside, but they show off an arrangement of a single flower—such as a bouquet of red roses—nicely. 

Cylinder Vase for rose bouquet

Bowl Vase

The bowl vase is probably one of the most perplexing when it comes to usage. It’s not an ideal shape for large blooms. However, it’s perfect for free-flowing garden-like flowers with full heads, such as hydrangea, eucalyptus, alstroemeria, and poms. 

bowl vase for rose bouquet

Bud Vase

The bud vase is the non-flower arranger’s best friend. Single blooms or small clusters fit beautifully into these tiny vessels made for wildflowers and other dainty flowers. Arrange several different vase shapes into a collection of bud vases to split up a bouquet beautifully. 

what is a bud vase for flowers

Mason Jar

Mason jars serve many purposes. We use them for canning, drinking, and occasionally they end up as flower vases. They’re perfect for the job! With their straight sides, rounded bottom, and a top that creates a lovely angle, these jars are one of our favorite types of glass vases that you can find easily. Mason jars are ideal for holding just about any flower besides long stems.

mason jar flowers vase

Bouquet Vase

The bouquet is one of the types of vase shapes that is specifically made for holding flower arrangements. They are designed with sturdy bottoms and hourglass style sides that taper out, in, and then out again. The upper taper gives stems a resting place so that they can show off their gorgeous blooms. 

sunflowers in bouquet vase

Pedestal Vase

Pedestals are one of the flower vase shapes that can genuinely be high impact. The vase itself is elevated to allow blooms to spill over the edge, often creating a garden-like effect. These types of vase shapes are typical for centerpieces and statement arrangements in foyers. 

bouquet in pedestal vase

Bottle Vase

Milk bottles, glass soda bottles, and other tall, thin vessels qualify as bottle vases. Similar to bud vase shapes, bottles are higher than their shorter counterparts. Perfect for styling a single, long-stemmed rose and other tall blooms, these vase styles are easy to place in groups or on their own. 

flowers in bottle vase

Cube Vase

Cube—also known as a square—vase shapes are low and have sides of equal length. Styling flower arrangements in these is similar to the principles of the bowl. The square’s taller version would be called a rectangle vase. Because of the sharp angles, these types of vases add interest to flowing blooms. 

square flower vase

Found Vase Shapes

Many things that you have around your home can be turned into a vase. As long as it holds water and has a bit of height, you can utilize it to house blooms. Pitchers, buckets, and odd vase shapes fit into this category. Add an element of the unexpected by using something not intended for flowers to hold your arrangements. 

recycled flower vases from household items

At Overnight Flowers, each of our orders includes a complimentary vase. We’ve already picked out a shape that will work best for your bouquet. Send flowers with confidence, knowing that the recipient will have everything they need for their arrangement.