How to Make Fresh Roses Last Longer

Receiving fresh flowers make a wonderful gift, but as a perishable item, require a little maintenance from the recipient. Generally, fresh flowers are expected to last 1-2 weeks from delivery. Preserving fresh roses can be a bit tricky, but with our tips, you can add hours (or days) to your flowers. Whether you get a bouquet filled with roses or one with a variety of blooms, keeping them alive as long as possible means that you or your recipient can enjoy the flowers longer.

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How to Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Alive Longer

No matter the bloom, there are a few tips to prolong their life. If you have ever wondered how to keep flowers fresh in a vase, here are five secrets that every lover of posies should know. 

  • Prune your blooms. Take a peek at your flowers, and remove any petals or leaves that appear to be dying or browning. As an extra step, cut off any leaves or buds below the waterline of your vase as rotting plant parts breed bacteria and shorten flower life.
  • Prep your vase with room temperature water and flower food. The next step will require the preparation of this one. Fresh, room temperature water reduces temperature shock, and adding that small packet of flower food helps boost your blooms.
  • Trim the stems. When you receive a bundle of flowers, often, the priority is to plunge them into a vase of water. Although hydration is essential, it’s best to cut about 1”-2” off the stem’s base at an angle. Repeat the process every few days to keep water flowing to each of the buds. 
  • Place in water immediately after cutting. Air enters the pores that carry water to the flower, so getting good old H-two-O in there first is essential. Many recommend cutting your stems under running water, which is fine, but be sure to get your flowers into a constant hydration source as soon as possible. 
  • Avoid extremes when finding a location for your vase. Flowers wilt faster if they are by a heat source or in direct harsh sunlight. It may seem odd but keep them away from fruit. It gives off ethylene gas, which speeds up ripening and aging. 
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How to Make Roses Last Longer

There are a few tricks on how to keep roses fresh, and some border on the unconventional. Of course, implement the tips above in combination with one of the following suggestions.

  • Spray them with hairspray. Just like a coating can secure your locks for the day, a light misting of hairspray can keep your roses stiff and upright. 
  • Add acid to the water. Yikes! Acid sounds scary, but if you’ve heard about adding aspirin - otherwise known as acetylsalicylic acid - to a vase, it’s technically the same. Although Purdue did a study on acids and found that lemon juice was much more effective at prolonging life. 
  • Mix your favorite beverage. Whether you choose clear soda or clear alcohol, adding a bit of either helps extend your blooms’ longevity. Pop gives the plant sugar, and alcohol wards off harmful bacteria, although a minute amount of bleach has the same pathogen preventing effect.
  • Refrigerate your bouquet. How do florists keep flowers fresh? They keep them in temperature-controlled coolers. Although you can't enjoy the beauty of your roses hiding away behind the milk, you can pop them in the fridge overnight to stave off fading.

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If you're considering ordering or have received one of our stunning rose bouquets, follow your easy instruction care card along with these tips to preserve the life of your flowers. 

If you're looking for a more permanent way to preserve your fresh cut bouquet, consider pressing your flowers to save as a keepsake.