How To Add Color And Elevate Your Space With Fresh Flowers

Home décor enthusiasts know that as the seasons change, your décor should, too. Summer can feel like a short-lived season that’s better spent outdoors, but you can incorporate the beauty and excitement of summer indoors as well. Celebrate the season by adding some seasonal blooms to your living space, and get inspired with these home décor tips on decorating with fresh flowers in the summertime.

1. Create ambiance in your dining area. 

Whether you’re having an intimate dinner party, summer cookout, or just family breakfast, a gorgeous floral centerpiece can really brighten up the table for your meal. Center them on your table at a height where they can be the center of attention, but don’t obstruct guests’ view to maintain intimacy. Decorating your table with seasonal fresh flowers is a simple home décor tip that instantly elevates your dining ambiance.

fresh flower summer table decor

Photo by Kaboom Pics

2. Liven up your work area. 

If you’re working from home (or in the office) and longing for your summer vacation, consider adding a tropical arrangement to your desk. Both Texas A&M and Harvard have produced studies that indicate that flowers in the workplace increase productivity, enhance creativity, and reduce stress. Decorating your desk with fresh flowers can provide both visual and physiological benefits to tide you over until your next vacation.

fresh flower bouquet on desk working from home

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

3. Heat up your fireplace. 

In most homes, the fireplace is the focal point of the living area, but it is often only decorated for the winter holiday season. When everyone is out enjoying the warm summer weather, hearths obviously go unused (and undecorated). While your gas logs are out of commission for the season, add fresh flowers to the areas surrounding your fireplace. We may not all have a living room like the swoon-worthy one below, but we can all decorate with flowers that will take our breath away. No matter the season, learning how to pep up your mantel will revitalize your living room while adding color to your space.

fresh flowers by the fireplace

Photo by Flaunter

4. Beautify your bedside.

Most people start and end their day on their phones, but did you know that starting your day near a bouquet of fresh flowers can have a more positive effect on your morning routine? Instead of giving your phone the first and last glances of your day, place a beautiful arrangement in first view on your bedside table. Typical nightstand decor includes a clock, phone charger, glass of water, and possibly a book. Although these things are all necessary and functional, a vase filled with fresh flowers creates a sense of romance and relaxation. 

fresh flowers on the nightstand

Photo by Liana Mikah

5. Beautify Your Bathroom

Don’t neglect your bath and powder room when it comes to décor. It’s safe to say that every bathroom could use a little freshening up now and again. Add a floral scent and elevate the space with a bright bouquet on your vanity or countertop.

bathroom flowers

6. Style flowers in buckets. 

Create a trendy farm-to-table feel by styling fresh, cut flowers in decorative buckets. Bouquets in buckets will pair well next to your welcome mat for a warm, inviting feel. The farmhouse-inspired decor also makes the perfect decor for an outdoor party. You can make your decor look more whimsical, rustic or glam depending on the bucket you choose. Simply style your arrangement in a galvanized, colorful, or plastic bucket, and accent with any additional seasonal decor. If you want your flowers to look a bit neater, hide small glass containers filled with water inside the bucket to create smaller clusters of flowers.

fresh flowers in buckets

Photo by Valia Polishchuk

7. Style flowers in reusable containers.

If you’re looking for a unique and eco-friendly way to style an arrangement, consider recycling household items as vases. Collect glass vessels such as empty jam jars, ketchup containers, or soda bottles and soak off the labels. If you’re looking for a trendier way to style arrangements, consider vintage bottles instead. Place your fresh cut flowers inside and style them with a hand-tied ribbon. These environmentally-friendly ensembles will add nice charm around your home.

fresh flowers in reusable household bottles

Photo by David Holifield

8. Jazz up a long-forgotten outdoor space. 

An unexpected pop of color in an unlikely outdoor spot adds an element of fun and surprise. Decorate an outdoor space (like your porch, patio, or attractive window sill) with a small, seasonal arrangement. To style, add floral foam to a low container, trim your stems to the appropriate height, and arrange your flowers in the floral foam. Pepper them around your outdoor spaces to catch the eyes of everyone passing by.

flowers on outdoor windowsill

Photo by Chris Barbalis

9. Make your drink drop-dead gorgeous. 

Consider using seasonal flowers to spice up your summer cocktail. Mix up a refreshing drink with seasonal fruit, then decorate your beverage with fresh fruit and flowers. If you find it fun to play mixologist and get creative with flavors, consider adding pretty florals to your drinks for an unexpected twist. You can also make your drink Instagram-worthy by freezing flower petals and into ice cubes to create floating mini arrangements. Be sure to clean the flowers prior to mixing, and note that specific blooms are just for decoration and are not to be consumed. Here’s a few suggestions for edible flowers you can use, along with drink recipes to inspire you.

fresh flower decorated cocktail

Photo by Cottonbro

10. Adorn a cake.

If you want a creative way to celebrate a summer birthday, baby shower or anniversary, consider a floral-decorated cake. Fresh flowers can be a beautiful topping for baking enthusiasts who want an easy and creative way to decorate a cake. Consider adding bright edible flowers, such as some species of carnation, lilies, roses and sunflowers for memorable and whimsical cake decor. Placing flowers on top of a store-bought cake is also another great way to add a personal touch that just might convince your guests that the dessert is homemade. 

flower decorated cake
Photo by Daria Shevtsova 

Get inspired for summer with these creative floral ideas. Choose your favorite summer decor tip above and shop our seasonal mixed bouquets to make your vision come to life.