6 Fabulous Occasions That Call for Welcome Flowers

If you’ve ever experienced southern hospitality, then you know the value of a warm welcome. There are many occasions where you may be welcoming someone into a new home or new role. Whether you are having an overnight guest, or know someone welcoming a new child in their household, giving welcome flowers can be an unexpected surprise. From welcoming a new employee in the workplace to welcoming home military veterans, here are six great reasons to send flowers that say welcome.

Give welcome flowers to celebrate a new employee.

Offices and other working environments can be a bit intimidating to newcomers. Relationships are established, and other employees are already familiar with the inner workings of the business. Flower arrangements are the perfect way to say “welcome” to the company rookie. In fact, one out of six new hires leaves within the first three months, and a proper welcome can help ensure that they stick around. 

Imagine their face when they timidly walk into their new position and find a colorful bouquet waiting for them. It will put a fresh employee’s mind at ease and let them know they are coming into a friendly, caring environment. Fresh flowers delivery is a fabulous way to start on the right foot. Our Sunday Brunch and Garden Party arrangements can serve to brighten up a workspace. 

flowers on desk

Gift housewarming flowers to a new homeowner. 

Whether you are the neighbor down the street, the closing agent, or the realtor who sealed the deal, use our flower delivery service to send welcome home flowers. Lush blooms can pep up a blank space otherwise filled with boxes and bubble wrap as the new homeowners unpack. 

Order housewarming flowers through our online flower delivery service, and send them directly to the neighborhood newbies or deliver them yourself. Welcome flowers are a fabulous introduction to an unfamiliar space, and the blooms will make it feel like home right away! Our Happiness in Bloom and Central Park bouquets are the perfect additions

Order flowers online after a hospital stay. 

Instead of sending a hospital patient an arrangement to their bedside, arrange for welcome home flowers to arrive after they get home from the medical ward. Place it alongside other welcome home gifts, such as a book and a homemade casserole, to lift their spirits.

Quite often, patients need a week to recover for each day they spent in the hospital. Therefore, make their rehabilitation time more bearable by using our online flower delivery to send a little love their way. Any of our collection of Get Well Flowers would be a lovely addition. Our colorful Celebrate Good Times arrangement is a fabulous bouquet to commemorate a homecoming. The Mardi Gras bouquet also adds an element of fun to a bedroom or hospice area. 

welcome home flowers

Send flowers to someone coming home from the military. 

Military officers spend quite a bit of time away from their families to serve our country. It’s quite the sacrifice, and coming home is a big occasion. Often, they have spent months or years away from their loved ones. They need all of the hugs you can muster, but it’s also a great reason to send flowers. 

The color yellow symbolizes support for our troops, so the best flower delivery would—of course—be in shades of the hue. Our yellow roses and sunflowers would be both gorgeous and appropriate. Some of our yellow bouquets include our You’re My Sunflower, Sunnyside, and Need Sunglasses? arrangements.

welcome home miltary flowers

Send welcome flowers to new parents.

Welcome home gifts come in all shapes and sizes for recent parents, such as diapers, clothes, and toys abound. However, sending new baby flowers offers a special kind of congratulations to new parents. Often, new moms are gifted with items for their child, so sending a personalized bouquet is a thoughtful gift for new moms who are recovering. Fresh flowers will spruce up the home while letting the new mom and dad know that you care. 

The pastel tones of our Perfect Rose Combo and Empow-her arrangements are perfect and cheery for welcoming a new child. Either use our flower delivery service to send flowers to the new parents or stop by with flowers and a warm meal once they are ready for visitors to see their beloved little one. 

new baby flowers

Rev up your guest room for travelers. 

There doesn’t always have to be a momentous occasion, such as a baby or new home, to give welcome flowers. Sometimes the best welcome flower delivery is simply to say, “Welcome to my home.” If you’re planning to host your in-laws or an AirBnB guest, style a bouquet of flowers in your guest room for overnight guests. For a truly thoughtful welcome, the ultimate surprise would be to have an arrangement delivered to your home in your guest’s name. 

Our bouquets come with a vase, so you don’t even have to worry about scurrying to find or purchase one beforehand. Just let your guest enjoy opening a box full of textured blooms. Our Hello Beautiful and Emerald Isle arrangements are the perfect way to say welcome to your travelers. 

bedside flowers

Whether you are using online flower delivery for your new neighbor or your cousin far away, fresh blooms are a beautiful way to offer a warm welcome. Mixed bouquets are a stunning choice, and you can view our complete collection of assorted arrangements here.