9 Ways That Flowers Boost Your Health

Flowers liven up a space. After all, they smell fabulous, add color and texture, and give life to a home or work environment. Beyond what a bouquet can do for the home, flowers are beneficial to our health. If you want to foster a healthier lifestyle, adding an arrangement can send you well on your way. 

1. Flowers cause us to smile. 

When a mother smiles at her infant, they tend to grin back, which is a natural response called the Duchenne smile. One study tested positive and negative reactions to images. A snake was used to evoke an adverse reaction, and flowers were in place to elicit a neutral response.

The conductors of the study found that blooms caused a positive reaction in the viewer. The Duchenne smile was present, which shows that a flower arrangement can serve as positive emotional stimuli. When we smile, our brains release neuropeptides that counteract stress, stave off depression, and even relieve pain.
flower health benefits

2. Arrangements enhance concentration. 

Flowers create a calming environment, which allows the viewer to relax and focus on their task. This is true in the workplace, schools, and the home. In one study, participants experienced separate environments with flowers and without. 

The study found that blooms created a positive space where participants could concentrate more and perform tasks better. It also proved that interactions with flowers and plants positively affect the mind to help filter out distractions. 

flower health benefits conentration

3. Blooms elevate our mood. 

Anything that evokes a natural smile is sure to put a kick in our step. One school of thought is that humans once used flowers as a marker to find fruit when they were foraging for food. The reward of sustenance was an affirmation. 

Another line of thinking is that a variety of senses experience flowers. Eyes are attracted to the color and symmetry of the blooms. Noses perk up at the scent of a familiar blossom. Often when we see a flower, we long to touch it. All of these natural interactions evoke a positive, mood-boosting response.  

happy autumn sunset bouquet

4. Bouquets boost creativity. 

A voluntary study at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show centered around the workspace. Participants experienced various office setups and were encouraged to perform a task in the space. The results were then measured for creativity, well-being, and productivity. 

The results showed that the volunteers in the workspace enhanced with plants exhibited 45% more creativity and 38% more productivity. Their well-being also increased by a remarkable 47%, which supports that performing tasks with flowers by your side is a positive experience. 

flower field creativity

5. They can help you sleep better. 

Although plants can’t control the amount of sleep you get, they can help with the quality of rest. Most blooms release oxygen only during the day, but gerbera daisies—which we happen to offer—continue to give off the essential gas at night

Placing an arrangement of gerberas on your nightstand keeps them close by as you drift off to sleep. They also improve the slumber of those who have a breathing disorder or sleep apnea. 

bedside flowers for health

6. Flowers clean the air. 

They can’t replace your in-house filter, but flowers—and plants in general—help remove toxins from the air. The American Society for Horticultural Science found that foliage clears out harmful ozone gas.

Ozone can seep in from the outdoors, but machines, such as UV light and laser printers, can also give off the gas. Interestingly enough, some of these results were found by NASA during the 1980s to purify the air on space stations. 

flower health benefits air purification

7. Blooms heighten memory. 

Scent can take us back to a particular time in our lives, and seeing specific flowers can help us reminisce. If a particular flower grew in your yard or was given to you by a special someone, seeing or smelling it can bring back those memories. 

A psychologist at the City University of London studied blooms as they relate to the mind. Due to their color and scent, they often trigger positive memories with roses being at the top of the list of memory-invoking flowers.  

flower health benefits memory

8. Bouquets quicken healing.

All of the mood-boosting, smile provoking, and air cleaning helps foster healing, which is why sending an arrangement to someone in the hospital is essential. Beyond the immediate benefits of adding color and personality to an otherwise bland environment, creating a more cheerful hospital room goes a long way in accelerating the healing process. 

Studies have shown that those who receive flowers have shorter hospital stays. Frequently, medical facilities are stressful environments, and an arrangement can take someone’s mind off of their condition while adding a bit of joy. 

hospital get well flowers

9. Arrangements strengthen bonds. 

Sending a bouquet can help improve and solidify relationships between people. It feels good to receive an arrangement, and surprising someone with flowers generates excitement and shows a connection for the giver, too. 

This concept doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships as bouquets given to family, friends, and business associates can also strengthen bonds. Even if you give one to the nurses’ station after a hospital stay or your child’s favorite teacher, sending flowers is a unique way to show that you care.

romantic flowers love roses


No matter your reasoning, there is science to support the fact that flowers are good for our health. Whether you have an occasion that warrants a bouquet or want to send one “just because” rest assured that you are giving the recipient a stunning arrangement and creating a healthier environment. Our Make It Snappy and Perfect Rose Combo bouquets can do the trick!