Bouquets That Make the Perfect Housewarming Flowers

Moving into a new home can be both joyful and stressful. It’s fun to explore a different area and decorate a fresh space. However, packing and unpacking is a big chore. Whether it’s close friends or family members changing location, brighten up their new abode and make their work more bearable with our stunning suggestions for housewarming flowers. 

What are housewarming flowers? 

Housewarming flowers—often called welcome flowers—are sent by a flower delivery service to add cheer to a new dwelling. Sometimes neighbors will deliver arrangements in person to meet the new families and show hospitality. So, they can either serve as congratulations or a way to make newcomers feel accepted right away.

Whether you live far away or want to deliver an arrangement in person, our online flower delivery ensures that blooms arrive fresh and ready to display in their new space. Bouquets make such splendid house welcoming gifts. Also, welcome home flowers are appropriate for any move, whether the new place is purchased, leased, or rented. 

housewarming flowers new home

Who should receive new home flowers? 

Sending flower arrangements is such a nice—and often unexpected—gesture. Family members often send flowers to let loved ones know that they are thinking about them. It’s a way to offer their congratulations to the ones moving.  

Flowers for housewarmings are also proper to send to close friends and coworkers. Honestly, anyone would be delighted by the unexpectedness of fresh flowers delivery!

A stunning arrangement is also the perfect way to get to know new neighbors. Make them feel welcome by ordering flowers online and sending them to their home. You could also have the housewarming flowers sent to your home and deliver them in person. It’s such a nice gesture.

housewarming flowers gifts for new homeowner

Flower Arrangements to Give as Housewarming Flowers

Choose sunflowers for housewarmings.

It doesn’t get much better than bright, sunny blooms, and our selection of sunflowers is fabulous for adding joy to an unfamiliar space. We suggest the Sunnyside arrangement, which has sunflowers peppered in between other yellow-toned blooms, such as roses and gerbera daisies. What a beautiful way to decorate a kitchen counter or island. 

Sunflowers mean long life, positivity, and lasting happiness—all of which are perfect wishes for a new dwelling. They also signify nourishment due to the abundance of seeds they produce. The family can even harvest seeds from the blooms to highlight this aspect.

Alternate Flower Arrangements: We have a plethora of sunflower combinations. The Peaches and Cream arrangement is a staff pick and features sunflowers styled with peach carnations and white poms. One of our most popular bouquets, the Happy Energy, features red roses mixed with sunflowers. A new home could use the ultra-positive vibes of these blooms.

housewarming flowers roses and sunflowers

Colorful roses are beautiful housewarming flowers. 

Although red is the most popular color, roses come in a variety of tones. Roses have a language based on their hue, so choose a bouquet that says something. We suggest the Cherry Brandy, which is bursting with orange blooms. 

This citrusy color signifies energy, pride, and gratitude, all of which the folks who are moving are probably feeling. They’re certainly excited and appreciative of their new place. Enhance the beauty and add a positive vibe with gorgeous orange tones. To ensure their roses last a long time, offer suggestions, such as refrigeration and adding clear soda to the water.

Alternate Flower Arrangements: Our Perfect Rose Combo blends the pastel tones of lavender, pink, white, and yellow (which symbolizes friendship). The unique mix of hues would be gorgeous styled in a bedroom. The Empow-her arrangement has sunflowers paired with pink roses, for a unique take on floral house welcoming gifts. 

roses for housewarming

Trade live plants for seeded eucalyptus. 

It’s popular to give plants as house welcoming gifts. However, sometimes new homeowners don’t have the time to care for living things beyond their family members and pets. A smart alternative is our Emerald Isle arrangement, which has the same monochromatic effect. The bouquet features long-lasting seeded eucalyptus alongside other greenery. 

Interestingly, eucalyptus has a purifying effect and is often used to purge negative energy. If the receivers like to DIY, they can even create a smudge stick out of the eucalyptus once the arrangement dies. What a great way to have a bouquet do double duty! 

Alternate Flower Arrangement: For a small amount of eucalyptus, choose our Impressionist arrangement, which also features sunflowers and purple kale. Crafters would make such great use out of this bouquet as they can harvest the sunflower seeds to plant at their new home.

eucalyptus bouquet for housewarming

Send lilies using online flower delivery.

Lilies have a variety of meanings, such as strength, rebirth, and luck. Each of these connotations applies to making a move as it requires endurance at the moment, signifies a new beginning, and wishes good fortune for the future. 

Our Good Morning Lilies are an attractive way to wish newcomers a bright, happy start to each day they spend in their new home. This arrangement would look stunning as it takes center stage on a dining room table. It could also be styled on a coffee table in the living room. 

Alternate Flower Arrangements: Our Simply Elegant bouquet has white lilies set against red roses and mini green hydrangea for a genuinely refined welcome. Our Calla-Fornia Love is a gorgeous mix of pink, yellow, and orange calla lilies for a truly unique arrangement. 

lilies housewarming flowers

Whether you are congratulating far away friends and family or helping your new neighbor get settled in, housewarming flowers are a delightful way to express your thoughts. Any of our mixed bouquets would be stunning bouquets for house welcome gifts. Using flower arrangements to signify hospitality and greeting is always a fabulous choice.