8 Fabulous Reasons to Send Happy New Year Flowers

Closing out an old year and anticipating a fresh start gives us many reasons to celebrate. Whether you are looking back on the previous year or are excited about what’s to come, taking the time to send flowers to friends and family can be a pleasant surprise. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to send Happy New Year flowers to loved ones this season. 

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Reasons to Send Bouquets to Close Out the Old Year

The current year just needed to end. 

We all have those years where we just can’t wait for them to end. Whether the reasons are personal or professional, the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and bid farewell to the past is a welcome idea. Send flowers to a dear friend to express that you can’t wait for a new calendar year to make its appearance. 

It was a great business year. 

Are you a business owner who had an outstanding year? Celebrate by giving your employees thank you flower arrangements for all they did to make the past year one of the best. You could also send a colleague or your BFF a bouquet to give them kudos for all they accomplished over the last twelve months. 

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You forgot an important event this past year. 

Possibly you know someone who got married, received a promotion, retired, or had a baby. Life gets busy, and if you forgot to acknowledge an event, rest assured that it’s not too late. In fact, etiquette allows you to recognize the occasion within a year. Extend your good wishes—or get out of the doghouse—by sending a flower arrangement expressing how exciting the past year was for the recipient. 

The family can’t gather for the holidays.

The holidays are a season for gathering, but sometimes circumstances don’t allow for traveling far from home. Even if you sent gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah, give family and friends a bit of an extra surprise to let them know you missed seeing them at the end of the year. They’ll have fresh blooms to display on their dining tables and in their entryways. They will think of you each time they pass by and see gorgeous flowers. 

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Reasons to Send Happy New Year Flowers

Someone is getting married in the upcoming year. 

Wedding countdowns are real! Folks tend to count the months, weeks, and then days as the time gets closer. Show a loved one that you are also excited about their big day by sending a floral arrangement. Enclose a wish, letting them know that you are looking forward to their wedding this upcoming year. 

engagement flowers

Something big is on the horizon. 

A new year brings about change, and sometimes we don’t know what that is. We may have new year wishes for love, a job transfer, or a first home. Send an arrangement to a friend or family member who anticipates a significant event in the upcoming year. It will make them even more excited about what is headed their way.

There is a baby on the way. 

If you are expecting a baby, you could disclose it at Christmas. However, make it a genuinely unexpected surprise by sending new year wishes announcing that you’re expecting. Imagine their faces when your parents, siblings, or BFF receive a gorgeous bouquet that reveals the announcement. So fun! 

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You want to send something just because.

We all have friends and family that we want to honor, but we don’t know exactly how to surprise them or when. Sending new year wishes is appropriate for everyone, and a new year is a perfect time to send flowers just because. You don’t need a specific reason—if the mood strikes, just do it!

Perfect Flowers to Include as New Year Wishes

Flowers have meaning, and there are several that are appropriate as one year transitions into another. Whether you’re sending new year wishes for friends or family, here are a few choice blooms to consider. 

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  • Green roses - Green is a unique color, and green roses are known to symbolize rebirth and renewal, which is truly appropriate for starting a new year.
  • Gerberas - Available in a plethora of colors, gerberas are happy flowers that bring joy to the viewer. Either choose an arrangement of colorful gerberas or send a display that features a variety of blooms.
  • Sunflowers - These sunny, yellow blooms bring happiness, and they also symbolize friendship. We have bouquets that feature only sunflowers or mix them with other flowers, such as roses and carnations.

This year, resolve to start the year off right by sending new year wishes to family and friends. Our New Year’s Flowers collection offers a stunning selection of bouquets to say goodbye to the old year and ring in the new. Happy celebrating!