10 Popular Flowers That Represent Friendship

BFFs. Besties. Homies. Okay, that last one may be a bit overkill, but you get what we’re saying if you have close friends. They are there for you through thick and thin, encouraging you and standing by your side no matter what. Your friends can tell it like it is. However, they can also provide some of the best laughs around. Many flowers mean friendship, so next time the mood—or occasion—strikes, send flowers to show how much you appreciate your besties. 

Occasions to Send Flowers That Mean Friendship

  • Send your BFFs matching bouquets on a day that symbolizes friendship. Many relationship holidays would be appropriate, such as National Shower a Friend Day and National Best Friends Day. Imagine their surprise when they all receive the same flower arrangements. 
  • Birthdays are a no brainer, and using our online flower delivery to send flowers representing friendship is extra special. Not only will stems brighten up their home, but the blooms will show how much they mean to you. 
  • Give a nod to Parks and Rec, and arrange for our flower delivery service to arrive with blooms on Galentine’s Day. It’s February 13th and meant just to celebrate your squad. 
  • Friends rush to your aid whenever you need them, so you may not need a calendar to celebrate your relationship. Sometimes sending friendship flowers “just because” is the most meaningful. 

friendship flowers

What flower color is for friendship? 

The traditional color for a flower meaning friendship is yellow. It’s no wonder as the color is bright and can lift the spirits. Yellow is also a noticeable color, which is evidenced by signage and paint used on the roadways. So, if you want to communicate your devotion in a merry, eye-catching way, use the color yellow in the floral arrangements you send. 

friendship flowers roses

What flowers signify friendship? 

Great question! Several blooms are considered a friendship flower; however, some denote specific aspects of the relationship. They are gorgeous on their own or stunning paired with others in a flower of friendship themed arrangement. 


Roses have a color language all their own. Red symbolizes love, white represents purity, and the color yellow means friendship. Roses have been revered for centuries due to their fragrance and beauty. They are the perfect accent for a hall entryway or sofa table so that they always are in view. Our rose collection has many attractive options for gifting. 

yellow roses friendship


These happy blooms are symbols of adoration and loyalty, both of which are essential aspects of being a good friend. These flowers meaning friendship can also be dried and the seeds harvested, which allows them to do double-duty in the home. Sunflowers make a lively presentation when displayed on a dining room table. 

sunflower bouquet friendship flowers


Filled with petals, mums—formally chrysanthemums—symbolize joyfulness and a festive spirit of optimism. If you’re delighted about your friendship and have hopefulness for the future of your relationship, these are the perfect friendship flowers to include in your next bouquet. Mums are such a welcoming variety, which makes them the ideal friendship flower for the foyer area.

friendship flowers mum

Gerbera Daisies

These robust, long-lasting blooms have a variety of meanings. However, the ones that relate best to friendship are energy, pride, and purity. Yellow gerberas, in particular, specifically denote happiness that comes from relationships with others. A bright bouquet of gerbera daisies would be lovely styled to add pep to a corner of the bedroom. 

gerbera daises friendship flowers


Also called the Peruvian lily, alstroemeria is one of the most popular flowers that represent bonds. Meanings that have deep roots in friendship are strength, devotion, and mutual support. The six individual petals each mean something: patience, empathy, respect, humor, understanding, and commitment. What a perfect way to communicate your bond as friends!

alstromeria close up friendship flowers

Our 8 Favorite Friendship Flower Bouquets

We are so excited for you—and your friends, of course–to suggest some of our favorite ally-inducing flower arrangements. Not only are they lovely, but they can show your companions that you value their place in your life. 


It makes sense to start with a stunner, and Sunnyside is it! This monochromatic bouquet features sunny, yellow blooms, such as roses, sunflowers, and gerbera daisies. If you’re looking for an explosion of friendship flowers, this is the perfect fit. Your BFFs will love it so much that it’ll take center stage on a coffee table or kitchen counter for sure. 

sunnyside yellow rose and sunflower bouquet

Need Sunglasses? 

Not only will your compadres need sunglasses, but they also may need to pinch themselves after receiving this gorgeous bouquet as a surprise. Need Sunglasses? is brimming with long-stemmed roses that say, “I’m glad you’re my friend,” in the best way. This design is a gorgeous bouquet for an entryway. 

yellow rose bouquet for friendship

Summer Breeze

For a striking color combination from opposites on the color wheel—otherwise known as complementary colors—consider a purple and yellow arrangement. These flowers meaning friendship, are combined in the Summer Breeze bouquet and would be fabulous on a fireplace mantel to add color and vibrancy to a home. 

sunflower and iris bouquet friendship flowers

Mix ‘n Mingle

Alstroemeria is one of the most symbolic flowers that mean friendship. Our Mix ‘n Mingle friendship flowers are a combination of colorful blooms. Send a note along with this arrangement. Describe what each of the petals symbolizes and what that means to your friendship. What a creative way to use fresh flowers delivery to communicate that you care!

assorted alstromeria bouquet

Gerbera Dreamin’

If you prefer to have yellow as an accent instead of the main attraction, our Gerbera Dreamin’ arrangement is perfect. Gerbera daisies in pink, orange, white, and—of course—yellow combine in an abundance of beauty. Styled in the master bedroom or bathroom, these blooms would surely brighten up the morning and keep the energy going all day long. 

gerbera daises bouquet


For a fresh take on flowers that mean friendship, our Empow-her selection combines stately sunflowers with pink roses. It’s a beautiful alternative to an all-yellow bouquet, and the pastel-toned roses communicate admiration. For the girl you’d choose as your matron of honor or godmother to your child, this is a stunning arrangement to define the place she holds in your life. 

pink rose and sunflower bouquet

Hello Beautiful

When you’re in the mood to use flowers delivery to send a “just because” bouquet, our Hello Beautiful is fabulous. Maybe your friend needs encouragement or a pick me up or possibly just came to your aid in a sticky situation. Either way, let them know that you value them and how they make your life a beautiful one with this arrangement of yellow alstroemeria set off by pink blooms. 

pink snapdragon, alstromeria and carnation bouquet friendship flowers

Garden Party

Not to leave mums off the list, our Garden Party arrangement combines yellow Fuji mums with gerbera daisies and carnations in the ultimate display of friendship flowers. Even if you’re far away, send your confidant a bounty of blooms that will remind them of how special they are to you. This bouquet would look gorgeous styled in a breakfast nook or on an end table. 

yellow Fuji mums with gerbera daisies and carnations friendship flowers

Relationships are essential to our daily lives. They help us function and get through an otherwise mundane existence. From the best friends you see weekly to the companion that moved away, use flowers that mean friendship to let them know you are thinking about them creatively.