6 Reasons Moms Have Been Our Superheroes All 2020

There’s no doubt about it: mothers are pretty amazing people, and deserve more than one day of appreciation and flowers. As times change, moms have adapted and evolved into inspiring role models with abilities and strength that seem almost superhuman. We’re equally empowered and impressed. Here’s 6 reasons moms have been our she-roes this year.

Moms are #MomBosses. Moms have been bringing home the bacon, with approximately 70% of moms working a full-time job. Mothers have filled the roles of essential workers, corporate bosses, bestselling authors, government workers, entrepreneurs and more. Even in the time of social distancing, moms are still working hard and killing it from home with remote and network marketing jobs. As if being a mom wasn’t already a full-time job, the life of a #MomBoss is definitely one to appreciate.

hustling mom boss gif

Moms really are the queens of the kitchen. They have become the personal chefs of the family preparing hearty breakfasts, homeschool lunches, family dinner, and every snack in between. Moms have inspired us as they share creative ways to cook healthy and tasty meals for picky eaters, constant snackers and allergy-prone children. From dinosaur-shaped sandwiches to kid-only menus (thanks Chrissy Teigen), they have mastered the art of cooking for their families. Not to mention, moms always find a way to make every meal with love.

Moms have become full-time teachers. A mother may be a child’s first teacher, but we know the teaching never ends. Moms have become homeschooling heroes in the era of virtual learning. It’s not easy turning a home into a classroom, cafeteria, rec center, art studio and music hall, but moms have been making it happen (while simultaneously working from home). We have double the appreciation for the moms who are also teaching virtual learning courses, because they are doing double duty instructing their children and others. 

homeschooling mom

Moms are influencers--literally. Moms are dominating the social media influencer space with blogs and vlog dedicated to parenting. Moms are sharing the joys (and struggles) of parenting with relatable content on postpartum depression, healthy cooking and eating, affordable and safe products, and more. These influential #MomBloggers have created an online community and safe space to educate, inspire and connect mothers all around the world. 

mom blogger influencer

Moms have amazing nursing skills. Everyone calls for mom when they're sick. Mothers have always assumed the responsibility as the family nurse (for children and husbands, alike). Whether she’s there to make soup and take temperatures, or teaching you how to make her homemade chicken noodle soup over the phone, mom always has a way of nursing her children back to health. Plus, let’s not forget the moms employed as nurses, who are a group of under-recognized heroes that are serving on the frontlines to keep their families and others safe and well.

Moms make us laugh when we need it most. While dad jokes may get lots of credit, moms know just how to put a smile on any face. Even when moms can’t physically be there, they’re only one phone call or text away from brightening the most stressful day (even when they’re having a rough day themselves). From fun family activities to hilarious conversations to going viral on TikTok with their kids, mothers know how to bring fun times to any time. 

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