5 Groups of Local Heroes Who Deserve Your Support with Flower Donations

In unprecedented times of anxiety and need, we understand the importance of random acts of kindness. Random acts of kindness are an amazing way to show compassion and appreciation for under-recognized heroes in our community. There are few better ways to express that appreciation than with flowers. 

Flowers are an amazing way to brighten someone’s day. Even in the most stressful situations, flowers bring levity and happiness. We almost always send flowers to friends, loved ones, and people we know, because it's in our comfort zone. However, there are people outside of our comfort zone who deserve a kind gesture and are often overlooked. Everyone deserves to feel important and appreciated. That is why we believe in flower donations. 

Here is our list of best places to donate flowers:

  1. Nursing Homes - Flowers are popular gifts to send to loved ones living in nursing homes. While many people have (or have had) loved ones in nursing homes, gifting flowers to residents other than their family members is still uncommon. Donating flowers to a nursing home will uplift staff and residents. Residents will appreciate a cheerful pick-me-up in their common rooms and activity spaces, which sparks conversation and interaction. Gifting bouquets to staff members also provide much-needed appreciation for their strenuous work.

    older woman with flowers
  2. Emergency Rooms - Although emergency rooms seemed like a less obvious place to donate flowers a few months ago, they are an obvious choice now. We realize now, more than ever, the value of ER heroes who dedicate their lives to helping others. Sending flowers to your local ER is a great way to say thank you to the nurses, doctors, pharmacists and administrative staff for their vital service.

    doctor with flowers
  3. Sanitation Departments - Municipal sanitation teams are another group of essential yet under-appreciated people who serve our daily needs. It’s easy to overlook your weekly trash disposal routine, and even easier to overlook the people who handle the literal dirty work. Sanitation teams provide a vital, yet thankless service for entire communities. Gifting a bouquet of flowers can provide a bright and uplifting contrast to these workers’ days. 

    sanitation worker
  4. Homeless Shelters - Shelter environments can be stressful and depressing for residents and staff. In addition to food and clothing donations for their basic needs, flowers can improve mental and emotional wellbeing, reduce anxiety, and bring happiness to shelter residents. Donating bouquets show appreciation for shelter staff and volunteers while providing cheerful energy to residents who are facing a challenging time.

    volunteers serving food
  5. Police and Fire Departments - Municipal police and fire departments deserve acts of kindness for their service as the community backbone. The police and fire teams, who are sometimes dependent on volunteers, serve and protect local communities. Sending flowers is a great way to show appreciation for these hometown heroes, who spend much of their time away from their families to serve yours. 

    happy female police officer

Donating flowers is a powerful deed because it represents two major love languages: gift giving and words of affirmation. Recipients can literally stop and smell the roses as they experience a sense of appreciation from this act of service, and receive words of affirmation from the thoughtful card sent with the flowers. If you’re looking for an uplifting way to give back during a time of need, consider donating flowers to your local heroes.