10 Sunflower Thanksgiving Décor Ideas to Brighten Your Holiday

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means gathering with family and friends. While your thoughts may be on baking pumpkin pies and deciding how big a turkey to buy, don't forget about your holiday decorations. Sunflowers are the perfect, sunny addition to your Thanksgiving feast, and from the dining table to unexpected places, add these bright blooms to your autumn décor. 

Leave sunflowers out to dry with your pumpkins. 

If you have a porch or sunroom that needs a bit of color, add pumpkins. Use them as a backdrop to dry out your sunflowers so that you can harvest the seeds. As family enters your home or gathers on the porch, seeing bright sunflower decor styled in unexpected places will add a bit of uniqueness to their day. 

thanksgiving decor pumpkins and sunflowers

Spruce up an outdoor Thanksgiving table with sunflowers. 

If you're fortunate enough to be able to host your Thanksgiving meal outside, add a bouquet of sunflowers as a focal point for your table. A galvanized pail and a few quirky pumpkins can add to the autumn vibes without sacrificing the space you need to set out your meal. Such a cute fall decorating idea!

thanksgiving sunflower decor

Add color to your entryway with sunflowers.

Nothing says welcome quite like an arrangement of sunny blooms. Either use sunflowers on their own or combine them with other yellow blooms to add various textures. A pro tip is that blue and yellow are complementary colors, which is why the bright flowers look so lovely against the sky-tones. Of course, sunflower decorations for the home look gorgeous with any color palette. 

thanksgiving decor with sunflowers

Lay an individual sunflower in between each plate. 

For simple yet high impact fall floral décor, place a sunflower in between each place setting. Not only does this clearly define each person's area, but it also adds a pop of color and serves as Thanksgiving décor. Your guests can take the sunflower home, or you can pass around a vase for them to place their bloom in as they mention what they're thankful for. 

sunflower table setting decor

Style sunflowers on your brunch table. 

Quite often, families get together in the afternoon, so that leaves your morning free. Gather your family—or friends that remain in town—and have a light breakfast before everyone heads out for the day. Style a gorgeous sunflower arrangement on your table for all to enjoy. These sunny Thanksgiving home decorations will encourage everyone to wake up and start their day.

sunflower table decor

Place a mason jar of sunflowers at each place setting. 

Instead of having one large bouquet as a focal point, create miniature arrangements for each person at your Thanksgiving table. Style the sunflowers with greenery, and tie the stems with a bit of twine to help them stay in place inside the mason jar. These tiny arrangements do double duty as fall table décor and favors for your guests to take home. 

sunflower mason jar decor

Decorate unexpected areas with a sunflower bouquet. 

There are many areas of our homes that could use a little extra pop of color. Whether it's a corner of the dining room or the bathroom vanity, place sunflowers as Thanksgiving decorations in areas where your guests will least expect to find the bright blooms. 

sunflower fall home decor

Give each of your guests sunflowers as a favor. 

You don't have to give your guests a parting gift on Thanksgiving. However, doing so is a fabulous way to show that you're grateful to have them in your life. Tie bouquets together with twine, and place them in a bucket of water. Have friends and family choose an arrangement to take with them when they leave. What a lovely idea to have Thanksgiving table decorations that your guests can take with them. 


Present a bouquet of sunflowers as a hostess gift. 

Although it's not your turn to host, you can still take sunflowers as Thanksgiving décor for your hostess. Bring your side dish—or whatever your host asked—and present them with a stunning arrangement of fresh sunflowers. A big plus is that our bouquets come with a vase so that your hostess doesn't have to worry about scrambling to find one. 

sunflower hostess gift

Lastly, and most practically, create a sunflower centerpiece. 

Whether you choose a bouquet of only sunflowers or select a colorful arrangement that includes the yellow blooms, create a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece with flowers. Pepper your table with pumpkins to compliment the fall colors, and enjoy time with family and friends at your Thanksgiving meal. 

thanksgiving sunflower centerpiece

Our full collection of sunflowers has a delightful selection of blooms for your Thanksgiving table décor. If you're looking for an arrangement of only sunflowers, take a peek at our You're My Sunflower bouquet. For those that crave an explosion of color, our Happy Energy and Peaches and Cream flower arrangements would be perfect.

No matter which Thanksgiving sunflower décor you choose, we wish you a wonderful holiday as you express gratefulness and spend time with those you hold dear.