10 Rose and Sunflower Combination Ideas for Summer Wedding Inspiration

Rose and sunflower bouquets are trendy for summer. If you want to keep up with summer flower trends and need a bit of summer inspiration, consider these rose and sunflowers combinations to spruce up your space or surprise a loved one. 

1. Use them as a floral backdrop. 

Whether you are hosting a summer soiree or planning an intimate backyard wedding ceremony, anchor your space with a stunning focal point featuring colorful roses and sunflowers. A beautiful floral backdrop can make any event Instagram-worthy and yield gorgeous photos to scrapbook the occasion. To create more dimension, add greenery like ruscus and eucalyptus, and freestyle your backdrop shape into something unique if geometric arches aren’t your style. 

rose and sunflower wedding decor

Photo by Hayden Esau Photography

2. Make a flower crown.

Whether it’s a bride’s big day, an exclusive photoshoot, or just because you want to explore your inner flower child, crafting a flower crown for your hair is a beautiful and fun project. Learn how to make a flower crown from a fresh-cut arrangement with just a few simple supplies, then get your camera ready for some beautiful headshots. After wearing the headpiece, you can dry and hang it somewhere in your home as a keepsake. Bonus: match your flower crown to a bloom-filled backdrop to complement tip #1. 

rose and sunflower wedding decor

3. Brighten up a picnic. 

Want to set an unforgettable scene for your next picnic? Decorate with fresh sunflowers and roses. Flowers make nice picnic decor (and a nice gift for your picnic guest). Whether you’re heading out for fun in the sun with friends, or a romantic evening on the parkway, bring a floral arrangement to your picnic to make your on-the-go meal a bit more extraordinary. 

rose and sunflower summer picnic decor

Photo by Suo Wein

4. Create a focal point on your table.

Rose and sunflower bouquets are the new trend for summer table centerpieces. A lovely centerpiece made of roses and sunflowers can serve to anchor your dining space. Adding fresh flowers always creates an ambiance and a sense of excitement around the house. To create a rustic look, style a rose and sunflower arrangement on a long, farmhouse themed dining table. For a round, kitchen table, pair the bouquet with a gingham print tablecloth to truly capture the essence of summer. 

sunflower table decor

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography

5. Decorate your front door. 

Your front door is often your guests’ first impression of your home (and decorating taste), so impress them with a floral statement piece. Front doors just beg for decor, and there is so much you can do your outdoor entry. Use flowers to emphasize the details that are already there, such as transom windows or a coat of bright paint. Roses and sunflowers are a bold floral combination that’s perfect to pep up your door with color. Turn your bouquet into a fun door knocker, or create a wreath. Wreaths are welcoming all year round, and summer is the perfect time to use these fresh blooms to create a homey entrance.

sunflower and rose bouquet front door wreath

Photo by Yorkshire Farm Wreaths on Etsy

6. Mix and match roses and sunflowers.

While sunflowers and roses make an incredible combination, these flowers are bold enough to look great on their own. Just because you use sunflowers and roses, doesn’t mean that they need to reside together. Pairing bright sunflowers with different varieties and colors of roses in separate bouquets can create a glorious combination once they come together. These individual arrangements can be used as alternating bridal party bouquets or lined down a farm table to create diverse clusters. 

rose and sunflower bouquets

Photo by Hayden Esau Photography

7. Make corsages and boutonnieres. 

If you want roses and sunflowers as the staple flowers for a formal summer event, consider using them to create corsages and boutonnieres for the special guests. Corsages and boutonnieres are elegant gifts that will help commemorate a formal evening. Gifting your guy a handmade boutonniere for a special anniversary or event can make him feel special (and complement his outfit). Corsages work well as a women’s accessory for special occasions, such as proms, debutante balls, quinceaneras, and weddings. For seven different variations on corsage and boutonniere making, check out this article to create your own. 

rose and sunflower boutonnieres

Photo by Bridgwood Wedding Photography

8. Bake a cake. 

Many people use sunflower seeds and rose essence in their cooking for flavor, but if you’re looking for something more aesthetic for your next baking project, consider using fresh sunflowers and roses on the outside of the cake. If you aren’t adept at decorating cakes, using fresh flowers is the perfect way to put the finishing touches on your dessert. Before you begin, take time to do some flower research and be sure that you are using flower species and parts that are edible (check here for edible roses and edible sunflowers). Also, consider the ways to extend the life of the flowers on the cake, so they stay fresh and don’t wilt while they are on display.

sunflower and rose decorated wedding cake

Photo by Curly Girl Kitchen

9. Mimic market bouquets. 

Sunflowers and roses are beautiful together, and this power duo works well with other flowers, too. Once you receive your bouquet, wrap it in farmers' market-style kraft paper and get ready to wow friends and family with a fresh-from-the-fields style arrangement that you can deliver to them in person.

rose and sunflower farmers' market style bouquet

Photo by Bridgwood Wedding Photography

10. Carry them at a wedding. 

Flowers are a necessity for a summer wedding. If you’re a bride who loves roses and sunflowers, consider using them for your wedding bouquet. Sunflowers represent happiness and adoration, and roses are associated with love and romance, so it’s no wonder that many brides choose to incorporate sunny blooms in bouquets for themselves and their bridesmaids. The meaning behind these flowers makes them perfect for celebrating the big day! 

sunflower and rose wedding bouquet

Photo by Oana Craciun

If these sunflower and rose combinations have you feeling inspired, shop our best-selling rose and sunflower bouquets like Happy Energy, Empow-her, and Sunnyside. These unique takes on this floral combination make the perfect gifts on their own, or provide a base to help you get started on your next project.