The Best Real Estate Closing Gift To Wow Your Clients

Buying a house is a big decision, and closing on a house is a big celebration. Whether clients are looking for a larger home or need to downsize, realtors can help find just the right fit. From townhomes and condos to estates and single-family homes, no matter what a purchaser settles on, it takes a lot to make a dwelling feel like home. And fresh flowers can definitely make a new house feel like a home.

As a realtor, you can help bridge the gap while the family unpacks boxes and chooses new paint colors. From lush florals to artsy arrangements, we have fabulous ideas for bouquets that make perfect real estate closing gifts. 

What is a closing gift? 

Closing gifts are thank-you gifts from the realtor to their client. They are generally given to the home buyer, but listing agents often give their sellers closing gifts. Real estate gift boxes, fresh flower delivery, and leaving gifts for home buyers are standard practices appreciated by the recipients. 

real estate closing gift

Why should I give my client a closing gift? 

Let’s start by saying it’s not a requirement, but it’s common practice in the industry. Giving a gift should feel like it’s a “want to” not a “have to.” However, chances are you’ve built a good relationship with your client, and that deserves to be celebrated. Here are a few reasons to think about buyer gift ideas. 

  • Gain Loyalty - Giving your customers a gift, such as a real estate closing gift basket, can go a long way in being at the top of their minds next time they need to buy or sell a home, or refer their family and friends. 
  • Give Appreciation - Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Yes, you did a lot of hard work as an agent, but show your homebuyers that you’re thankful that they chose you for their house hunting journey. 
  • Offer Congratulations - Buying a home is an exciting life event! It’s one of the most significant purchases they’ll make, and they have fun building memories in that house. Use a closing gift to show that you’re excited about their fresh start.
  • Improve Your Branding- Frankly, some of us just like to give gifts. We thrive on finding the perfect Christmas and birthday presents for those we care about. Giving your client a gift can make you feel great, too! Choose a signature bouquet, and add items with your branding, such as a calendar, magnet, and extra business cards for your clients to pass along to others. Repeat business and referrals are essential in real estate. 

flowers housewarming gift

Unique Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

When it comes to real estate closing gifts, it’s best to keep a few things in mind. Don’t give your client a koozie, calendar, and coffee mug with your branding on it—get personal instead! Think about gifts that are thoughtful and personal. Fresh flowers are great universal closing gifts, but our personalization at Overnight Flowers makes the experience truly unique. Consider gifting your client a flower + photo gift bundle featuring a fresh bouquet with a framed photo of their new home.

real estate photo bundle

The amount spent on a closing gift is up to your discretion as a realtor, but the suggested amount is between $100 to $250, although this will vary significantly by area and the type of real estate your client is buying. 

Our welcome flowers would make an ideal gift for your clients, and here are a few of our favorite suggestions. Of course, browse our full selection or housewarming flowers for ideas, but we have a few perfect fits depending on the type of home your client purchases. 

For the Farmhouse

Farmhouse style decor is all the rage at the moment. Maybe your client purchased their dream home complete with a barn and vegetable patch. Possibly they religiously follow Joanna Gaines’ decorating advice. Either way, choose a bouquet from our sunflower collection to enhance their farmhouse decor. 

Our You’re My Sunflower arrangement consists solely of the sunny blooms. However, our Happy Energy bouquet combines two of the most popular flowers—red roses and sunflowers—in a joyful arrangement that a new homeowner would adore. Having a surprise from a flower delivery service adds an element of joy into their new space.

farmhouse style home gifts

For the Single Family Home

Whether your client needs room to grow or already has a bundle of children, pep up their new home with online flower delivery. Adding color to their house can create a cheerful area amidst a pile of unopened boxes and plastic-covered furniture.

Browse through our selection of mixed bouquets for just the right blend of tones. Our Celebrate Good Times arrangement, a celebratory arrangement as the name implies, is a bright combination of pink, purple, and orange that would add texture and vibrance to a new home. The Peaches and Cream bouquet has a gorgeous blend of blooms, such as carnations, sunflowers, and poms. 

single family new home gift

For the Starter Home

We all need to start somewhere, and first-time homebuyers are probably the most excited to have a place of their own. They can choose paint colors and put nail holes in the walls to their heart’s content—finally! Whether they buy a townhome, condo, or small house, this set deserves an extra dose of celebration. 

Help them say “cheers” with an arrangement from our curated Cocktail Collection. Our Sunday Brunch flower arrangement offers a bright mix of orange, yellow, and purple. It would perfectly accompany a mimosa on the breakfast table. The Strawberry Lime Margarita is a lovely blend of pink and green tones, which would look beautiful when styled in the master bedroom corner.

single family home

For the One of a Kind Home

Frank Lloyd Wright. Mid Century Modern. Victorian. All of these terms bring particular styles of homes to mind. For the client who’s only requirement was the design or designer of the house—we have flowers for that. Add one of our unique flower arrangements alongside your housewarming gift basket. 

For a dramatic look, our Purple Crayons bouquet has tall skinny stalks peppered with tiny purple blooms. The Making Magic arrangement is truly a beauty. Unique plum-colored calla lilies—aptly called Picasso—stand out due to their exclusive shape. Garden Party is filled with mums and gerberas and would look equally lovely when broken up into tiny bouquets.

unique home gifts

For the Downsizer

Most clients who downsize are minimalistic, retired or empty nesters, and living modestly describes their new phase of life. For this type of client, send foliage that is easy to separate into miniature arrangements. Several of our flower collections feature a mix of blooms that work well together on a smaller scale. 

Chances are your downsizers are living a minimalist life. Of course, you can never go wrong with our Emerald Isle bouquet, which features varieties of long-lasting, shapely eucalyptus. The Modern is another statement bouquet that is both artsy and perfect for a scaled-back style. 

tiny home flower gifts

No matter your client, offering real estate closing gifts is a nice touch. With online flower delivery, you can send flowers at the click of a button while knowing that your client will be receiving fresh, beautiful blooms to enjoy in their new space. View our floral collection for other options, and get ready for clients who appreciate your time, expertise, and gorgeous closing gift.