How to Use Fresh Halloween Flowers to Boo-tify Your Home

Autumn is here, which means that the fall holiday season has begun. Halloween kicks it off with spooks, scares, and an overall eerie feeling. If you’re looking to boo-st your décor, don’t be afraid of decorating your home with fresh Halloween flowers and other seasonal elements. We have six fabulous ideas for you! 

Create a spooky spot with candles and fresh flowers. 

Design a frighteningly delightful area with ambiance in a corner or a tabletop. Start with stately candelabras filled with drippy candles, and add in other seasonal elements, such as pumpkins and a Halloween bouquet.

The best part about this eerie look is that it’s created using household items you may already have on hand. Place an order for your favorite Halloween flowers, and style them in vases tucked in between the pumpkins. Just be sure to keep the flames away from flammable items as you decorate the area. Our Autumn Sunset bouquet is perfect for this look. 

halloween flower decor

Photo courtesy of Coincidence on Unsplash.

Give your pumpkins a serious floral upgrade. 

A real pumpkin serves as the base for a boo-tiful floral arrangement. This DIY from Good Housekeeping involves drilling a hole in the pumpkin for each bloom. To style, simply insert the flowers, and spritz with water to keep them fresh.

Full instructions are here, and it‘s simple to paint your pumpkin to match one of our bouquets. A green or yellow base would fit our Family Feast arrangement nicely. For a different take, paint your pumpkin purple and use our Garden Party bouquet to fill in the holes. 

pink pumpkin halloween decor

Photo by Mike Garten for Good Housekeeping.

Play the mad scientist with brightly colored blooms. 

Beakers, test tubes, and flasks are often associated with chemistry labs inhabited by mad scientists. Design a nod to a scary scene without creating something overtly frightful. This project is also really simple to DIY! 

Paint Ehrlenmeyer flasks in bright colors, and fill with flowers. Our brightly colored bouquets, such as Happiness in Bloom and Hello Beautiful, are perfect for splitting up into multiple vessels. What a cute DIY from A Kailo Chic Life

mad scientist floral halloween decor

Photo courtesy of A Kailo Chic Life.

Use a colorful arrangement to make a skull centerpiece. 

Halloween lends itself to crafting—even better if it has a skull as a base. This adorable DIY project from Bespoke Bride can be made using an animal skull or a fake (please!) human one. And don’t think that you need black Halloween flowers to complete your projects. Color can be just as stunning.

With just a few supplies, you can be well on your way to designing a beautiful floral arrangement for your scary festivities. Our Sunday Brunch bouquet would be such a lovely addition to this handmade Halloween project. 

halloween flower decor
Photo courtesy of Bespoke Bride.

Fill a painted pumpkin with flowers. 

For a spin on the traditional, paint your pumpkin—either real or fake—before hollowing it out for flowers. A cake plate is a perfect base to add height to your Halloween flower arrangements. 

Good Housekeeping has the full instructions on how to style this lovely project. For a colorful look, choose our Celebrate Good Times arrangement. To keep with traditional fall Halloween colors, our Fall in New England bouquet is spot-on.

fresh flower pumpkin decor

Photo by Mike Garten for Good Housekeeping.

Think beyond flowers for Halloween by using greenery. 

Those searching for projects that will last throughout a few holidays will adore this Halloween DIY project idea. Start by making a wreath using our Emerald Isle bouquet, which features several varieties of eucalyptus. Shibang Designs has a simple, yet gorgeous, tutorial on making a fresh eucalyptus wreath

After you design the wreath, tuck in Halloween decorations, such as witch hats, skulls, and mini pumpkins. Keep the greens fresh by spraying, although eucalyptus also looks stunning dried. After October 31st, replace the wreath’s decor with a decorative bow for Thanksgiving. Such a fabulous idea! 

halloween wreath decor

Photo courtesy of Shibang Designs.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween—full of fun or packed with frights—be sure to add fresh flower delivery to your list! Decorating with fall arrangements adds a beautiful element to the autumn season. Find our specialty collection of Halloween bouquets here. Happy haunting!