How to Choose the Best Flowers for Rosh Hashanah

The autumn season is a time of celebration in the Jewish culture. Holidays such as Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), and Sukkot (Fall Harvest) show up on calendars, but if you’re not Jewish, these occasions pass by. If you observe these holidays, you know that autumn is a beautifully triumphant time in Judaism. 

rosh hashanah

What is Rosh Hashanah? 

One of the most anticipated holidays is Rosh Hashanah, as Jews have jubilant celebrations with friends and family. Gathering with loved ones is one of the highlights of the Jewish New Year, which is nothing like ringing in an actual calendar year.

How is the Jewish New Year celebrated?

The firecrackers and ball drops of a December-January flip are traded for more meaningful things during Rosh Hashanah. People go to synagogue, eat apples and honey, and reflect on the past year. Another highlight—for both young and old—is the sounding of the traditional instrument, the shofar. It’s typically made of ram’s horn and is used at synagogue to signal the new year.

During synagogue, thousand-year-old melodies are played that are reserved especially for use during Rosh Hashanah. Patrons also pray for things like patience as they meditate during the service and greet each other with “shana tova,” which is a new year’s greeting. 

What flowers are appropriate for Rosh Hashanah?

Traditionally, sending gifts for Jewish New Year is welcomed. Rosh Hashanah flowers can be all-white to symbolize the atonement for sins and committing to do better the next year. Of course, since it’s a celebratory time, Jewish New Year flowers can also be filled with color to add to the festivities and cheery feel of the season. Our Celebrate Good Times bouquet is brimming with color and is perfect for sending to family and friends as Jewish New Year gifts. 

Blooms can be meaningful for Jewish New Year celebrations as you wish loved ones blessings on the past and good wishes for the upcoming year. They’re a beautiful way to add to an already festive time during Rosh Hashanah. However, bouquets are appropriate for other Jewish holidays, too. 

white lily flower bouquet

How are other fall holidays celebrated?

During Yom Kippur, those who practice Judaism fast from sundown the night before to sundown on the day of for a total of 24 hours of fasting. To conclude the fast, a traditional break-fast meal—not to be confused with morning breakfast—occurs, which frequently consists of foods like bagels, lox, herring, and dairy-centric foods. Giving flowers to commemorate the breaking of the fast is a nice gesture, especially if you are invited over to someone’s home to celebrate. 

Sukkot is a week-long festival filled with gatherings. Many families build a small outdoor hut called a sukkah, used for meals, communing with nature, and enjoying time with others. Taking a lovely bouquet of blooms honors the host if you partake and celebrate with others during Sukkot. 

jewish new year break fast flower gift

Whether you are invited to a celebration or simply want to send family or friends Jewish New Year gifts, flowers are the perfect way to celebrate. Autumn boasts many traditional holidays central to Judaism. Take the opportunity to show others you care during such an extraordinary season.