Fresh Flower Delivery VS Local Florist!

When it comes to buying flowers, there are several options available. You can buy from a local florist or a grocery store, or you can order from an online service like While local florists have their own advantages, there are some compelling reasons to choose an online flower delivery service like Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Fresher flowers: sources its flowers directly from farms, which means that the flowers are cut and shipped directly to you, sometimes even less than 48 hours of being harvested. This ensures that you receive the freshest possible flowers.                                                      

  2. Greater selection: Local florists may be limited by what flowers they have in stock, but has a vast selection of flowers that are available year-round. You can choose from a wide variety of blooms, including exotic and rare flowers that may not be available at your local florist.                                                                                           

  3. Convenience: With, you can order flowers from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered right to your doorstep. This saves you the time and hassle of going to a florist in person.                                            

    flower with video gift message
  4. Competitive pricing: Because sources its flowers directly from farms, it can offer competitive pricing compared to local florists who may have to mark up their prices to cover the cost of keeping flowers in stock.                                                                  

  5. Sustainability: When you order from, you're supporting a sustainable business model that cuts out the middlemen and reduces waste. By sourcing flowers directly from farms and shipping them quickly, reduces the environmental impact of flower delivery.

While local florists are an important part of many communities, they can struggle to keep up with the demand for fresh flowers, especially during slower periods. If you want the freshest possible flowers and a wider selection to choose from, consider ordering from a service like Not only will you get the freshest flowers available, but you'll also be supporting a sustainable and efficient business model.