Flowers for Every Occasion

When it comes to sending flowers, you have literally millions of options for a flower bouquet. Each customized floral bouquet can be crafted to fit the personality of the recipient and the occasion. Primary factors to consider when putting your arrangement together are size, shape, aroma, and color. Another important factor to think about is how each flower arranges with its neighbor. Personal preference is extremely subjective and is very dependent on our life experiences and individual tastes. This involves a certain level of probing into the likes and dislikes of your recipient. Those that go the extra step, like talking to friends or loved ones to get the inside scoop on a favorite flower, are most certainly rewarded when it comes time to special days such as Mother’s Day.

Perhaps the most important deciding factor that goes into determining the type of arrangement you would like to create is the occasion. Different occasions have different social and cultural meanings, and it should be no surprise that cultures have associated different flowers with those meanings. Let’s focus on these different occasions and discover the perfect floral arrangement to go with them.


A Flower for Every Occasion


This occasion is certainly customized to the individual. When determining the best bouquet, we recommend finding out favorite flowers from friends and family (if not already known). Additionally, knowing whether the birthday boy or girl likes scented flowers is important. Some people are just not fans of scented varieties and a scented bouquet could be a quick turnoff.

Recommendation: Celebrate Good Times Bouquet

Contains Green Hydrangea, Magenta Gerbera Daisies, Long Stem Orange Roses, Thistle, and Eucalyptus


For this important occasion, you cannot go wrong with roses, tulips, and lilies. Find out what your significant other prefers and go for it. You will be surprised how your partner’s taste in flowers changes after each milestone anniversary! For extra sentimental value, write down and photograph the flowers you gave or received for each milestone anniversary.

Recommendation: The Simply Elegant Bouquet

Contains Red Roses, Hydrangea and White Calla Lilies

First / Second date

These initial dates are tricky for any starter relationships. You’re in the most sensitive phase of the relationship as first impressions are key. If you have an inside contact to get the scoop on favorite flowers you’re already ahead of the game. If you are going in blind to their preferences, go with something that is going to wow them and use it as a talking point.

Recommendation: The Sunnyside Bouquet

Contains Yellow Roses, Sunflower, Solidago, Yellow Gerbera Daisies


A bouquet of flowers is a great way to express sympathies and condolences to those that are mourning. We always recommend simple and classic white lilies.

Recommendation: White Loving Lilies Bouquet

Get Well Soon

Flowers are a great way to brighten up a hospital room. Receiving a bouquet of flowers is just the gift to lift a sick person up and cheer them up.

Recommendation: Summer Breeze

Contains Sunflower, Purple Statice, Israeli Ruscus

Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, there is no better way to show our appreciation for our Moms, grandmothers, wives, sisters, and daughters, than sending a beautiful bouquet. If you know what flowers she prefers, you can surprise of with a bouquet of her favorites. However, if you aren’t sure, always lean towards fun and colorful.

Recommendation: Happy Energy Bouquet

Contains Sunflowers and Long Stem Red Roses 

Thank You Gifts

Whether your friends have helped you move, or a family member has been dog sitting for you, a thank you gift is a great way to show your gratitude. Try giving a bouquet of gerbera daisies as they are something different than the norm, trendy and very easy to care for. Additionally, they offer an impressive selection of unique varieties that you could cater to the person you are buying one for.

Recommendation: Gerbera Dreamin'


A magical day deserves enchanting flowers. Choices are numerous but common types are Ranunculus, Roses, Hydrangea, Lilies, and Daisies. Another popular and elegant option is an all greens bouquet, which will ensure you'd be a trendsetter.  An all greens bouquet will be the talk of the wedding.  Plus, this bouquet is huge and will last forever!

Recommendations:  Emerald Isle

Contains Seeded Eucalyptus, Baby Blue Eucalyptus, and Israeli Ruscus

Christmas and Winter Holiday Flowers

Festive flowers are a universal favorite for Christmas decorations, especially with their striking red and green displays make them a great fit for the Holiday season.

Recommendation: The Cheer Pom Bouquet 

Congratulation Flowers

Celebrations for accomplishments like graduations and promotions are a perfect time to add an arrangement of congratulatory flowers. For this occasion, loud colors are perfect to add excitement to the gift.

Recommendation: Lemonade

Contains White and Yellow Long Stem Roses

New Baby Flowers

Bringing fresh and vibrant flowers to the parents of a new baby is a perfect way to visualize the happiness of the moment. Once you know if the baby is a boy or a girl, you can construct your arrangement in blues and pinks, or you can have a neutral arrangement customized to your preference.

Recommendation: The Impressionist

Contains Sunflowers, Kale, and Baby Blue Eucalyptus


Easter Flowers

This Holiday celebration is enhanced by the positivity of flowers. When crafting your floral bouquet for Easter, look for traditional varieties. Try to add red, yellow, white, blue, and greens to reflect the diverse color palette of the Easter Holiday.

Recommendation: Springtime Meadows Bouquet

Contains Green Trick Dianthus, Athos Poms, White Buttercup Daisies

Valentine's Day

There is no better way to symbolize love than roses.  Although we absolutely love timeless and classic long stem red roses, we also really enjoy unique roses for Valentine's Day. Try and be a little different and send our layered and nuanced light pink roses. Your significant other will thank you for it!

Recommendation:  Pink Bliss

Forgiveness Occasions

These occasions are certainly not set dates that you can prep for, and by the time you recognize you’re going to need a forgiveness bouquet, the event has most certainly occurred. Most of us have experienced the day with our significant other where we have made a mistake or forgot something we shouldn’t have. Regardless of the reason, we have made it to the dog house somehow. A tried and true way to escape is to prepare a sincere apology and give a gift of flowers as a token of penitence.

Recommendation: The Luxe Kiss Me Cupid bouquet, consisting of 36 long stem red roses, are your best bet to send to your significant other. Just make sure not to downplay the importance of that sincere apology (it is equally if not more important).