Florascope: Zodiac Flowers Are the New Take on Birth Flowers

Whether you check your horoscope daily or can’t remember your astrological symbol, selecting flowers based on zodiac signs is a fun and personalized expression for buying bouquets for your friends and family. Zodiac personality flowers reflect the traits and tendencies of the receiver in ways that are truly unique and personal to the individual, so they make great gifts for astrology enthusiasts. Next time a birthday rolls around, consider choosing one of our flower arrangements based on zodiac signs. It’s a fun, new take on our stunning bouquets that may just bring good luck to the birthday recipient.


Aries Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Ram

Birthdates: March 21 - April 19

Traits: Eager, dynamic, quick, competitive

Ruling Planet: Mars

aries zodiac flowers

Flowers for Aries

When it comes to Aries, expect the unexpected. This charismatic, enthusiastic set loves anything that puts them a notch above others. Surprise the Aries in your life with a unique bouquet—such as our Springtime Meadows—featuring lush greenery. A bonus is that it has the birth flowers for April, daisies, peppered within. 

green trick dianthus, athos poms, and buttercup daisies zodiac flowers birth flowers

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Bull

Birthdates: April 20 - May 20

Traits: Strong, dependable, sensual, creative

Ruling Planet: Venus

taurus zodiac flowers

Flowers for Taurus

Just like the bull, gerbera daisies are robust and sturdy. The Taurus is also creative, which is evidenced by flowers being available in various tones. Pink, purple, green, and orange hues combine to create a gorgeous arrangement in our Celebrate Good Times bouquet—the perfect zodiac personality flowers for Taurus. These long-lasting flowers will add pops of color throughout this sign’s living space.

roses, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas, thistle, and eucalyptus zodiac flowers

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Twins

Birthdates: May 21 - June 20

Traits: Versatile, expressive, curious, kind

Ruling Planet: Mercury

gemini zodiac flowers

Flowers for Gemini

Twins are similar yet different. Each half of the duo deserves attention, but they should blend beautifully together, hence Gemini’s versatility. For a bouquet that reflects their outgoing personality, our Happy Energy arrangement, featuring sunflowers and red roses, is a lovely representation of the bold and dual nature of this sign.

red rose and sunflower bouquet gemini zodiac flowers

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Crab

Dates: June 21 - July 22

Traits: Intuitive, sentimental, compassionate, protective

Ruling Planet: Moon

cancer zodiac flowers

Flowers for Cancer

When it comes to the crab—the symbol for Cancer—red tones come to mind. When you consider that roses are the birth flowers for June, you have twice the reason to order our Kiss Me Cupid bouquet. It’s filled with red roses that the nostalgic Cancer will adore. This classic bouquet is a timeless way to show love, celebrate milestones, or even say you're sorry.

long stem red roses zodiac flowers

Leo Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Lion

Dates: July 23 - August 22

Traits: Dramatic, outgoing, fiery, self-assured

Ruling Planet: Sun

leo zodiac flowers

Flowers for Leo

With the ruling planet being the sun, a bright and sunny bouquet of sunflowers is appropriate for this warm, approachable sign. The large, bold blooms of our full sunflower arrangement are suitable zodiac personality flowers for the Leos in your life. The blooms definitely exhibit the dramatic, outgoing ways of this particular zodiac sign.

sunflower bouquet zodiac flower gift

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Virgin

Dates: August 23 - September 22

Traits: Practical, loyal, gentle, analytical

Ruling Planet: Mercury

virgo zodiac flowers

Flowers for Virgo

With traits like gentleness and loyalty at the helm, it’s no wonder that pure white blooms are the perfect zodiac flowers for a Virgo. Our Snow White bouquet symbolizes the faithfulness and rationality that this sign exhibits flawlessly. Plus, an all-white arrangement of roses—instead of red—is a fresh take on an already popular flower.

white long stem roses zodiac gifts

Libra Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Balance

Dates: September 23 - October 22

Traits: Social, fair-minded, diplomatic, gracious

Ruling Planet: Venus

libra zodiac flowers

Flowers for Libra

Venus, the ruling planet for Libras, and the color pink are quite often associated with beauty. The open, inviting blooms of our Good Morning Lilies appear in beautifully balanced tones of pink and white. These are the perfect zodiac flowers that the well-mannered Libra would enjoy receiving. The lilies will also bring comfort and joy to anyone who encounters them.

pink and white lilies top

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Scorpion

Dates: October 23 - November 21

Traits: Passionate, stubborn, resourceful, brave

Ruling Planet: Pluto

scorpio zodiac flowers

Flowers for Scorpio

The red-toned scorpion always looks precocious with its spiny claws and tail at the ready. The animal perfectly depicts the intensity and determination of the Scorpio. For flowers based on zodiac signs, choose our Kaleidoscope arrangement. The pincushion protea’s deep orange blooms only look crustacean-like, but we promise they don’t pinch!

Statice, Delphinium, Veronica, Pin Cushion Protea zodiac flowers

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Archer 

Dates: November 22 - December 21

Traits: Extroverted, optimistic, funny, generous

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

sagittarius zodiac flowers

Flowers for Sagittarius

Those born under the Sagittarius sign often find humor in the everyday. They’re uninhibited and have a positive outlook on life so that they will appreciate our Purple Crayon bouquet. It’s filled with Liatris, with an arrow-like row of tiny blooms that are ready for the archer’s bow. This extroverted sign would be overjoyed with such a creative floral arrangement. 

purple liatris zodiac bouquet

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Goat

Dates: December 22 - January 19

Traits: Serious, independent, disciplined, tenacious

Ruling Planet: Saturn

capricorn zodiac flowers

Flowers for Capricorn

Just like the Capricorn, carnations are tenacious flowers as they seem to last forever. Another plus is that these blooms are the birth flowers for January. Our Strawberry Lime Margarita arrangement allows the carnations to show their individuality against the backdrop of green-toned colors. The otherwise serious Capricorn will love the wispiness of the bells of Ireland and green trick dianthus in this bouquet.

Green Trick, Bells of Ireland, Limmonium, Italian Ruscus, Pink Mini Carnations zodiac flowers capricorn

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Water Vessel

Dates: January 20 - February 18

Traits: Deep, imaginative, original, uncompromising

Ruling Planet: Uranus

aquarius zodiac flowers

Flowers for Aquarius

Those with the Aquarius zodiac sign stand out from the crowd due to their steadfastness. Our Surf and Turf bouquet suits this water-bearing sign to a “T” with stately sunflowers set against deep purple iris, which also happens to be the birth flowers for February. This arrangement showcases imagination at its finest in an unlikely combination of flowers with stunning results. 

sunflower and iris bouquet zodiac flowers

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Symbol: Circling Fish

Dates: February 19 - March 20

Traits: Affectionate, empathetic, wise, artistic

Ruling Planet: Neptune

pices zodiac flowers

Flowers for Pisces

The imaginative Pisces enjoys a creative aesthetic, making them an ideal match for our Making Magic arrangement. Just like the circling fish in this sign’s symbol, two varieties of calla lily lovingly nestle together in a beautiful bouquet—what a perfect representation of zodiac flowers for the Pisces. We’ll bet that the affectionate Pisces may even give you a hug after seeing this stunning floral arrangement.

Picasso Calla, Purple Calla zodiac flowers

As your loved one’s special day approaches, consider giving them zodiac personality flowers. It’s a unique take on selecting an arrangement that will suit their character traits. No matter what, they will appreciate a gorgeous bouquet of fresh blooms delivered to their door.