Best Back-To-School Bouquets To Give As Teacher Gifts

Students usually bestow teacher appreciation gifts towards the end of the school year in May during Teacher Appreciation Week. However, educators—and other educational assistants like coaches, counselors, tutors, and staff—need a back-to-school boost. Staff members give a lot of time, effort, and love for students’ success, and flowers are the perfect way to show appreciation and add cheer to their desk or work station. So, if you’re searching for gift ideas for teachers, here are a few bouquets that are almost too cool for school!

teacher appreciation gifts flowers

Who Can I Send A Back-to-School Bouquet?

Children love giving gifts to their favorite teachers, but other employees encourage your children throughout the school day. Take a peek at our list to think creatively about who else may deserve a thoughtful surprise from our flower delivery service. 

If the list below inspires you to extend your list beyond educators, you can always have the flowers delivered to your home and make teacher gifts. DIY your present by dividing up bouquets and placing a few flowers in thrifted vases or vintage colorful bottles. As a room parent, you could also place mini arrangements on each child’s desk with the teacher’s permission, of course. Desk decor and student gifts are a great way to boost morale for the students as well.


Usually, educators are the first ones that come to mind when we think back on our grade school days. They answer endless questions, impart their knowledge, and care about their students’ success. However, be sure to think about teachers of specialty classes, such as music, art, and PE. Elective teachers also have a big impact on students, especially in developing creativity and character.

Back-to-school welcome flowers make fabulous new teacher gifts for those who are getting used to a new work environment. Bonus point: your child will have the added benefit of seeing fresh blooms in the classroom.

teacher in classroom


The saying “it takes a village” is especially true in the education system. Children have several teachers, yet others influence and mentor your kids throughout the year. They would love to be surprised with back-to-school bouquets.

  • Guidance counselors help high school students along their future career paths.
  • Tutors provide intimate, 1-on-1 learning to students in their preferred learning style
  • Coaches guide and encourage children in areas that they enjoy outside of school. Not only does this include sports, but also drama, debate, and other extracurricular activities. Clubs like chess or computer count, too!
  • Room parents put in long hours planning parties, organizing field trips, and hosting fundraisers. 
  • Other mentors, such as community leaders, school board representatives, frequent guest speakers, and campus pastors, also influence school kids.

children's coach gifts


Some children are afraid of principals. Were you ever taught to spell it “princi-pal” because they’re on your side? It’s true, and giving school principals back-to-school flowers can build a relationship and show them appreciation. It will also help them become more of a real person—instead of just someone to see if you’re in trouble—to your child. 

Office Staff

The school office is the “control center” of the school. Office staff field questions and phone calls from parents, give passes when someone’s late, and spend countless hours on the things that make the school function—such as accounting and ensuring the bills are paid. Not only are flowers uncommon gifts for teachers, but they can brighten the day of those who work in the office, such as the receptionist and bookkeeper. Don’t forget the school nurse and librarian, too. 

administration assistant gifts

Behind-the-Scenes Staff

Your child encounters many others that work behind the scenes throughout their day. These employees make small talk—or big talk—with kids, wave at them in the halls, or even get involved by attending school functions. 

Parents never see many of these staffers, but take the opportunity to start their year off positively. Some of the best teacher gifts are appropriate for custodians, maintenance staff, and cafeteria workers. Many work behind-the-scenes to get ready for the year—they’ve been hard at work for a while. A back-to-school bouquet is a thoughtful way to show that you care. 

cafeteria worker appreciation gift


Extra Credit: We are now offering a FREE photo with each purchase, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to send a special keepsake memory with your teacher gifts. A coach would adore a picture of the team and a bouquet in the team’s colors. Of course, an educator would give an A+ for creativity if an image of the class—snapped on the first day of school—accompanied a bunch of flowers.


Bouquets that Make the Best Teacher Gifts

Back-to-school bouquets are perfect on their own, or they can be part of a back-to-school survival kit accompanied by school supplies as teacher gifts. Ideas for things to tuck into a classroom care package include individual packets of coffee or tea, red pens, cute notepads, and colorful sticky notes. A gift certificate to a local school supply shop or cafe is an excellent addition, too. 

Here are a few suggestions for flower arrangements that make perfect gifts for teachers from students or parents. To boost excitement and morale, bright and colorful bouquets are the way to go, or high school students can choose their school colors for a fun twist.


Custom ConGRADulations

Give a coach or an educator that shows up at every game a custom bouquet in the school or team colors. Our Custom ConGRADulations arrangement is industry-exclusive, which makes it one of the most unique teacher (and graduation) gift ideas.

This bouquet is perfect for a spirited teacher that you’ll often find shouting “go big red” at the games. The PE instructor also spends most of their time in spaces—locker rooms, gymnasiums, and fields—filled with school spirit. It’s also a lovely choice for the school receptionist, who can display bold, fun team colors welcoming everyone who walks by the school office. 


Gerbera Dreaming

Dreams happen while we sleep, but hopefully, your kids don’t head to la-la land while at school. Although, our Gerbera Dreaming bouquet makes a lovely teacher appreciation gift for those who teach classes where children’s minds drift to faraway places. 

Books fill minds with lovely ideas, and colorful daisies are ideal for those who teach Reading or Literature. History teachers encourage kids to think about the past. Art educators open a child’s eyes to creativity and explore what the world of art reveals. Give these teachers who open and expand your child’s mind a colorful bouquet worth dreaming about. 


Celebrate Good Times

Some festive teachers make the holidays fun for students, and they adore colorful teacher gifts. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or the 100th Day of School, their classroom always reflects that “there’s a party going on right here.”

If you couldn’t resist humming the lyrics from Kool & The Gang’s famous song—this is also perfect for the school staffer who loves to have fun. The words suggest a “celebration to last throughout the years,” so give our Celebrate Good Times bouquet to get this year off to a fantastic start.


Need Sunglasses?

Our bouquet of yellow roses is perfect for your child’s ultra-cool teacher. It also works well if you are personal friends with someone on the school’s staff as yellow roses signify friendship. Our Need Sunglasses?  yellow rose arrangement serves as the perfect welcome flowers to start their year. Maintenance staff, who spend a lot of time doing less than glamorous jobs, would appreciate a bright bouquet, and it has been found that yellow boosts mood.

 yellow rose bouquet

Happy Energy

Our best-selling Happy Energy bouquet is a great choice for your school nurse, counselor, or psychiatrist. The mix of sunflowers and roses has been known to stimulate happiness and excitement, which is a much-needed boost for individuals in an office setting.


happy energy rose and sunflower bouquet

Mix ‘n Mingle

For those at a loss for which welcome flowers to choose, our Mix ‘n Mingle bouquet is perfect for anyone. Mentors, administration, and room parents will be delighted with teacher gifts from our flower delivery service. This bouquet of colorful Alstroemeria makes a great staff and teacher appreciation gift to add joy well into the school year. This is also an ideal bouquet to break up and place on student desks if you’re so inclined.  

assorted alstromeria


Back-to-school flowers are fabulous gifts for parents and students to show appreciation for school staff. Brighten up lives and classrooms with a thoughtful bouquet to start this school year off with the best teacher gifts.