A Letter To The Loved Ones Of A Class of 2020 Graduate

To the loved ones of a graduate,

For many graduates, commencement day is an important milestone to collectively share in pride and spirit with their peers. It is also a time for graduates (and alumni) to share in traditions from wearing spirited paraphernalia to singing the alma mater. Whether the student is a first-generation graduate or fourth-generation graduate, we know how much this milestone means to you and your loved ones.

graduation flowers

With commencement ceremonies being canceled and live-streamed this year, celebrating just doesn’t really feel the same. We understand how difficult it feels to be unable to (traditionally) celebrate such an amazing accomplishment with your graduate (and how hard it is for the graduate to celebrate without their peers). However, this unprecedented situation doesn’t take away from all that graduates have accomplished and achieved. While this may not be the 2020 vision many graduates envisioned, the sight into their future is immensely bright. We also know that as the graduates are celebrating, you’re celebrating, too.

Because graduation is a big milestone that deserves to be recognized, we’ve created the perfect gift to congratulate a special graduate in your life with our Custom ConGRADulations bouquet. This arrangement, featuring hand-picked flowers customized in the graduate’s school colors (or the colors of their future university if they committed on Decision Day), our ConGRADulations bouquet is perfect for celebrating their school spirit. 

custom congradulations bouquet graduation flowers

If you remember the joys of donning your school colors for spirit days, pep rallies and sporting events, then you understand why this unique and spirited bouquet is the perfect graduation gift. These celebratory arrangements also make great gifts for alumni celebrating a milestone anniversary. (We’re sure your loved ones from Class of 2010 would appreciate a personalized 10-year anniversary bouquet to admire as they reminisce over their yearbook.)

As you help your graduate prepare for post-grad life, gift them with encouraging advice and a beautiful bouquet. If you’re sending flowers to congratulate a student, just know that we’re hand-crafting every bouquet with them in mind. We hope that our flowers and your encouraging words will bring happiness to these special graduates, who have worked very hard to make you proud.

ConGRADulations, Class of 2020! 

Much love,

The ONF Team