9 Fun At-Home Crafts to Incorporate Spring Flowers Into Your Easter Decor

Staying indoors and celebrating Easter at home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the joys of spring. The season brings a freshness and lightheartedness to the year, and it’s the perfect time to spruce up the indoors--especially when you have extra time to DIY at home. When celebrating Easter at home, bring a bit of the outdoors inside with spring blooms. Take a peek at several home decor ideas to add spring flowers into your Easter decor, and keep yourself busy while staying in.

For Your Table - Create an Easter Centerpiece

Floral centerpieces are a staple in spring decor, but sometimes the idea of flower arranging seems complicated for the novice. Use an assortment of blooms in a variety of spring colors to give your Easter tablescape just the pep it needs to keep your celebration hoppin’ (pun intended!). If you aren’t the best with arranging, have a beautiful spring bouquet delivered to your door instead. The ‘Sunday Brunch’ bouquet is definitely one of our favorite centerpiece options, as the name implies.

Photo credit to Home Stories A to Z 

On Your Door - Craft a Carrot Wreath

A carrot shaped wreath is so unique and creative. It will have every-bunny jumping for joy to see such a cute wreath on your front door--even from a distance. Use fresh flowers in varying hues of orange, peach, and other citrus tones topped with greenery to mimic a carrot. Add a bow of your choice, and you’ll have door decor that will be the envy of the neighborhood. See full instructions on Better Homes & Gardens. If you don’t think you can pull off the carrot wreath, style a carrot-colored orange bouquet in your entryway instead.

Photo credit to Marty Baldwin on Better Homes & Gardens

To Anchor a Buffet - Make a Tiered Arrangement

Display a beautiful bouquet on a tiered platform for exciting staging. Take cake plates and egg cups (or teacups) to construct a flower tower. Go for Martha Stewart’s monochromatic inspiration of yellow and white with a similar bouquet, or spice it up with a plethora of spring florals. If you don’t have cake plates, a tiered dessert tray will suffice to create a fun arrangement to use on your buffet, side table, or kitchen island. 

Photo credit to Martha Stewart 

As a Surprise - Assemble Mini Cone Bouquets

These miniature flower arrangements are the perfect project for an indoor crafting session and beautiful decor. Head here to get instructions on how to make the cones (including a printable pattern), or you can use decorative paper and cut your own shapes. Add a some pretty ribbon for hanging and fill with flowers. To help the flowers last longer, put a small baggie or water vial into the cone. The best part about this project is that you can hang the tiny bouquets on doors in your home to surprise family members on Easter morning. To save time on arranging, deconstruct a premade bouquet into smaller cones. We recommend ‘Happiness In Bloom’ for its spring, garden-fresh look.

Photo credit to Ella Claire Inspired

For the Kids’ Room - Give Small Spring Peep-ers

Spend some time crafting with your kids at home with Peeps candy themed arrangements. These bunny-shaped marshmallow treats are adorable when placed in an arrangement. Learn how to make this cute centerpiece here. Two tips: You will need two vases, and you will probably also need to tell the kiddos to leave their hands off the Peeps. That’s easily solved by having a few extra treats on hand for the littles to nibble on. Keep the marshmallow theme going by using the ‘Marshmallow White’ bouquet as your base.

Photo credit to Bell’Alimento

In the Bathroom - Decorate with Fresh Colors

Don’t neglect your bath and powder room when it comes to decor. It’s safe to say that every bathroom could use a little freshening up now and again. Add a floral scent while pepping up your bathroom decor with a bright bouquet that brings ‘Spring Fever’. An Easter arrangement also works perfectly as a vanity pick-me-up. Just fill a large mason jar with flowers, and cover the base with a doily and twine. Get full instructions here, but these are so simple to make that just a photo will suffice.

Photo credit to Yellow Bliss Road 

On the Counter - Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Bring your Easter egg hunt indoors with an egg-cellent display of dyed or chocolate eggs. Just like your outdoor egg hunt, surround them with lovely blooms. Use whatever kitchen-esque container you have on hand as a base (such as a colander or decorative bowl). Then, add moist moss to line the vessel, and place a smaller bowl inside to keep the eggs and candy dry. To finish, line the inside of the bigger bowl with garden-like blooms stuck into the moss. It will be easy to add a bit of water every few days while keeping your essentials moisture-free in the smaller container. Happy hunting!

Photo credit to Simon Bevan for Country Living

Just About Anywhere - Curate a Collection

Create a collection of themed bouquets using teacups, decorative bottles, or - in this case - vintage tins. Adding flowers to a collection of things can make for creative Easter decor. Add blooms to bookshelves, windowsills, cupboards, bedside tables or mantels. You can choose to create a central area to display the entire collection, or create a few floral vignettes throughout your home. These small scale arrangements are best made by deconstructing a larger, pre-arranged spring bouquet.

Photo credit to David Tsay on Country Living

For the Adventurous - Construct an Easter Basket

Easter baskets are the ultimate holiday staple, but they aren’t just for kids. Create an Easter basket for yourself using spring flowers with instructions here. Incorporate pastel colored flowers to resemble a basket filled with eggs. This arrangement has just the “wow” factor that flowers deserve this time of year. 

Photo credit to Laurey Glenn on Southern Living 

Use these home decor ideas to create some quality crafting time for you and your family. We’re egg-cited to see our spring arrangements in your home, so send us photos of your beautiful Easter home decor. Happy Easter!