9 Favorite October Flowers In Season

Fall is a gorgeous time of year. It brings changing leaves, cooler weather, and everything pumpkin spice flavored. As nature is changing, several flowers begin to bloom in autumn. October flowers are colorful and hardy, and they make stunning arrangements. Take a peek at a few of our favorite flowers available in October.

What is the flower for the month of October? 

Before we get started with what is in season, we’d like to answer, “What is the flower for October?” It’s calendula, which is related to marigolds and daisies. The blooms are a sweet yellow flower to tuck into arrangements for a fall birthday or celebration. In fact, you can easily grow at them at home.

Interestingly, calendula has particular health benefits and is used to make medicines to treat wounds, infection, and inflammation. Of course, consult a doctor before consuming, but the flower heads are edible and can be used as decorations or in salads. Using calendula oil also aids in reducing acne, diaper rash, and eczema. Not only is this flower for October bright and sunny, but it packs quite a punch in the health department.

calendula october flower

Flowers in Season in October

Now let’s move from the flower of October to what’s in season. Any of the following blooms would make a lovely arrangement, whether they are picked fresh or left to bloom outdoors. Many of these varieties offer colors that display the warmer tones of autumn. With beautiful textures and gorgeous hues, here are the October flowers in season during the fall.


Because alstroemeria is often considered a filler, many have seen these dainty flowers but don’t know them by name. However, these blooms only look delicate. They last quite a while, and they come in various colors, such as pink, yellow, and burgundy. 

These October flowers aren’t difficult to grow, either. Buy plants at your local nursery as opposed to starting them from their fungus-prone bulbs. Place them in partly shaded soil, and they will flourish. Our Mix ‘n Mingle bouquet showcases many of alstroemeria’s colors all in one gorgeous arrangement. Additionally, our Hello Beautiful bouquet uses them as an accent flower in a fabulous combination of yellows and pinks. 

alstromeria october flower

Butterfly Bush

Adding critter-friendly elements to your home garden is good for the environment. Such is the case with the butterfly bush, which has fluffy lavender-colored blossoms. Monarchs are making their way south in the fall. Therefore, these October flowers will draw the orange creatures as they are migrating.  

The butterfly bush is hardy and not very susceptible to plagues or disease. They are easy to grow, which is a plus for those with black thumbs. Once it blooms, you can take the flowers inside, but leaving them outdoors is best to attract various butterflies to your garden. 

butterfly bush october flower


Related to daisies, the coneflower is another one of the easy-to-grow flowers available in October. Instead of the petals going upward, they slant downwards to allow the center of the flower to stand out in a cone shape. Coneflowers come in a variety of colors, including pink, white, and gold. 

Interestingly, the plant’s scientific name is Echinacea, which is used in holistic medicine to combat sickness and boost immunity. Making tea using the plant can stave off a cold. You can purchase the tea leaves through a health food store or try to make tea at home from your plants.

Coneflower october flower

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies are one of the prettiest October flowers. You may have seen their brightly colored petals in bloom during the summer at garden centers and nurseries. They are easy to care for, and another big plus about these happy plants is that they flower for months.

Specifically for fall, we recommend our Candy Corn bouquet, featuring autumn-colored assortment of daises. Our Gerbera Dreamin’ arrangement showcases tones, such as yellow, hot pink, and orange, which would be perfect to spruce up a dining table. The Sunday Brunch bouquet features gerbera daisies alongside blooms like hydrangea and status, ideal for sending someone far away.

candy corn gerbera daises bouquet


Also known as blazing star or gayfeather, Liatris is an interestingly shaped plant. Instead of one large flower head, several smaller, string-like blooms surround elongated sections of the plant. These October flowers can either be used as a filler to add texture—see our Mardi Gras bouquet—or stand-alone, such as our Purple Crayons arrangement.

Liatris adds color to a garden, and they are easy to grow, especially for beginners. The clumps, which are bulb-like corms, multiply each year and attract both butterflies and bees. These plants are also drought-tolerant and can add dimension to arrangements from your garden.

Liatris october flowers


Once there’s a hint of fall in the air, nurseries start displaying mums in pink, burgundy, and orange hues. They often find homes in pots next to pumpkins and other autumn décor. However, planting them in your garden right away helps them develop a sound root system to survive the winter and bloom again next year. 

There are 13 mum varieties, and what you plant in your yard is different from what our flower delivery service offers. Our Japanese Slipper, Garden Party, and Fall in New England arrangements all contain fluffy Fuji mums and are perfect for accentuating your coffee table or mantel. 

mum flowers october seasonal flowers


Roses are the quintessential flower. They’re fragrant, full of petals, and come in many colors. Those who adore them rejoice that they are one of the flowers in season in October. Roses are fabulous on their own, but they also pair well with other blooms in an arrangement. 

Our rose collection has single-color bouquets in hues of red, orange, yellow, and more to complement the season. Of course, choosing pink or purple is delightful, no matter the time of year. If you’re growing roses at home, the County Dancer and Dolly Parton (great name!) varieties do exceptionally well during the fall growing season. 

orange roses october flowers

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon belongs to the hibiscus family and has blooms of pink, white, or lavender, and can be purchased at local garden centers. However, they grow into large bushes, so be sure to space them out for planting. Cuttings can also be planted and rooted for propagation, or you can harvest and plant the seeds

Although the blooms are beautiful, there isn’t much of a stem, so leaving the plant’s flowers is best. Blossoms can fall easily, such as in a heavy rainstorm, so these tend to be messy plants. However, the beauty and quantity of the blooms are well worth the cleanup effort. 

rose of sharon october flowers


Of course, we’d have to mention a stunner—or is that sunner? Either way, sunflowers are the perfect way to add vibrance to a space. Although sunflowers will work anywhere in a home, they are incredibly welcoming on kitchen counters and entryways to brighten up an area. 

You can grow flowers from seed, or you can order an arrangement from our selection of sunflowers, such as our Central Park, Empow-her, or You’re My Sunflower bouquets. Once your blooms start to fade, make plans to harvest your seeds and save them for planting next year. 

sunflowers fall october flowers


Flowers Available in October

Our bouquets feature many October flowers, such as mums, roses, sunflowers, gerberas, and Liatris. Those flowers are available in October, but we also offer them year-round to spruce up your home or send to someone else. Our Happy Energy bouquet of red roses and sunflowers is an attractive choice for yourself or as a gift. 

If you’re searching for celebration-specific bouquets, we have our Halloween collection, which has BOO-tiful arrangements, and we also have several thoughtfully arranged flowers for Breast Cancer Awareness. October has lots of reasons to send blooms and to include them in your home.