8 Ways to Use Roses at Your Wedding Beyond the Bouquet

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or get well wishes, roses are at the top of everyone’s list. Although there are many other types of wedding flowers, it’s natural for brides to incorporate roses in various hues of red, pink, white, lavender, and yellow.

Going beyond the bouquet to incorporate the blooms into your wedding decorations and other areas can create a gorgeous day for any couple. From simple wedding flowers to more elaborate arrangements, take a peek at our ten creative ideas for your big day. 

1. Place them in boutonnieres. 

Your groomsmen’s suits deserve decorations, and roses are the perfect flower to take center stage in a mini arrangement pinned to the left lapel of a suit jacket. Use other flowers and greenery to accent the bloom. You can even try your hand at making your own with these instructions.

A bonus is that many roses are fragrant, so both the groom and groomsmen can enjoy the scent. As far as size, mini roses, or barely open blooms work well and are light enough to be pinned upright and worn. Feel free to make the groom’s bout a bit larger as it’s his big day, too!

roses at your wedding

Photo by Brandon Morgan

2. Decorate your ceremony arch. 

Whether you have your ceremony indoors at a church or outside overlooking the ocean, an arch helps anchor your space. This type of backdrop begs for wedding decorations, and roses are the perfect fit. 

The arrangement doesn’t have to be large, either. Centering a cluster of roses or placing blooms off-center creates a bit of added interest for the most beautiful wedding themes. Use coordinating flowers in the bridesmaids’ bouquets to harmonize the elements of your wedding day further.

wedding ceremony arch roses

Photo by Samantha Gades

3. Upgrade the standard pew bow.

Traditionally, fluffy bows mark the center aisle at a wedding. Spaced every few rows, they provide a lovely corridor for the couple and attendants to walk down, but it’s time to give these markers a serious upgrade! 

Attach mini bouquets featuring roses, berries, and greenery - such as eucalyptus - to the pews along the inner aisle. If you don’t want to ditch the bow altogether, feel free to add a ribbon underneath the arrangement. Doing so can hide any wire or clips you use to secure the flowers to the pew itself. 

roses wedding decor

Photo by Wedding Photography

4. Honor your mom with a corsage.

Over the years, corsages have moved from the chest/shoulder area to the wrist. After all, many moms wear more delicate fabrics - think lace, silk, and chiffon - as their children wed. A wrist corsage acts as a bracelet and is more comfortable to put on and wear. 

Use corsages to honor any matriarchal figures, such as your mothers, grandmothers, and aunts, along with any women helping with your wedding in the way of greeting, reading, singing, and monitoring the guest book. A spray of small roses is a visual way to say “thank you” on your wedding day. 

wedding corsage roses

Photo by Hermes Rivera

5. Wear them in your hair. 

Flower crowns make a fabulous statement, especially for the boho bride, so let roses take center stage in your hair. Add greenery and simple wedding flowers into the headpiece to make it lightweight.

If you love the look but don’t want something on your head as you dance the night away, wear a flower crown for your ceremony and photos, and take it off for your reception. The floral circle can be used in other ways - say a door wreath or hung on the back of a chair - to add color so that it can do double duty on your big day. 

wedding rose flower crown

Photo by Daria Magazzu

6. Make mini arrangements for farm tables. 

Many wedding receptions feature long farm tables, but a single centerpiece works best on round tables. If rectangular staging is what you are going for, take the opportunity to create mini arrangements of blooms in thrifted containers, such as vintage bottles. 

Stretching these small collections down the length of the table allows for each guest to have flowers within view. The addition of micro arrangements also emphasizes the cozy feel of gathering and chatting along rustic tables. 

rose wedding table decor

Photo by Photos by Lanty

7. Decorate your chairs. 

Whether you opt for a sweetheart table or decide to dine with your attendants, your chairs beckon for a bit of a difference to indicate your special seating. Signage - such as “bride” and “groom” - is a no-brainer, and adding fresh roses on your chairs can further pep up your seats of honor. 

For other inspiration, consider other sign verbiage or use framed photos from your childhood to adorn your seats. There are many ideas here to create a unique place for the couple to rest during the reception. 

wedding decor roses

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings

8. Create that large centerpiece, after all. 

If you choose to dine with your wedding party, your table will undoubtedly call for a statement centerpiece. Going big can be high impact, and opting for colorful roses creates a stunning focal point. 

When you are considering more significant arrangements, be sure to keep them at the recommended height of below 14” so that you can have eye contact with others at the table. Elevated centerpieces should be on pedestals of 20” or above to avoid blocking eye level. 

wedding rose table decor

Photo by Chuttersnap

9. Sweeten up your dessert. 

Put your florist and cake artist in cahoots and have them come up with a cake that utilizes fresh blooms, which should include roses! Whether you choose a red rose wedding cake or use softer hues, the petals add color and texture to your dessert. 

Place them on top of the cake aside whatever topper you choose (see fun options here!), and pepper them in other places to accent each tier. Adding roses to your wedding cake truly is a beautiful, natural option for your sweet treat.

wedding rose table decor

Photo by David Holifield

10. Have a high impact exit (and entrance!). 

Roses are perfect in a red rose bouquet and various wedding decorations, but bid adieu and hello to your guests using the blooms. If you have a bit of buffer room in your budget, place beautiful arrangements along the walkway to your wedding site. They will also be there to say farewell as your guests exit your big day. 

As a bonus, these arrangements can be pulled into your reception or utilized during the cocktail hour to add texture, scent, and color. Don’t be afraid to have your statement pieces do double duty as it’s an excellent way to stretch your budget a bit. 

wedding decor fresh flowers

Photos by Christina Victoria Craft

Roses can communicate friendship, caring, and thanks, but they also serve as beautiful symbols of love. They’re ideal for incorporating into a variety of wedding themes! We have a stunning selection of rose bouquets, including our Lavender Calm bouquet and our staff favorite, the Sunnyside, which features sunflowers, yellow roses, and sunny gerbera daisies.