8 Ways to Incorporate Fall Flower Arrangements into Your Decor

Fall is in the air! The weather has a slight chill, and everything seems to be pumpkin spice flavored. There’s no better time to get on board with rich autumn tones of rust, orange, and yellow and decorate your home with fresh flowers. Just as summer’s blooms begin to fade, liven up your home with a gorgeous arrangement in fall hues. 

Spruce up your kitchen counter. 

Your kitchen is about to become busier than ever. Once fall hits, next come Thanksgiving and Christmas, and kitchen work goes into a frenzy. Take advantage of the downtime and pep up your island or counter with soft fall tones. 

Just take an unused serving piece, pitcher, or vase to anchor your florals. Elevate your arrangement by placing it on a cutting board or lazy Susan, and finish off the look with mini pumpkins. It’s an adorable way to liven up your kitchen, and our Sweet Potato Pie bouquet is the ideal mix of hues. 


Place a flower-filled pumpkin on a side table. 

Many surfaces go unused throughout the year. Take the time to assess your living area, and find a space—a sideboard, nightstand, or end table—that could use a bit of color. A hollowed-out pumpkin serves as the vase. Don’t limit yourself to orange as the season also brings the fall fruit in white, green, and yellow hues. 

De-seed your pumpkin, place a small glass or vase inside, fill with water, and add your bouquet. Creating an autumn-centric arrangement can add life to an otherwise bland space. If you adore the splash of purple tones, consider our Fireflies arrangement. 

Use a dough bowl for a coffee table arrangement. 

Dough bowls can be round, oval, or oblong, and their natural shape makes them excellent for decorating. Add a bit of greenery to the bottom of the bowl—our Emerald Isle bouquet is perfect—and place white pumpkins on top. 

Cover bare areas with more greenery, and the result is a lovely arrangement to liven up your coffee table. Foliage is the perfect compliment as it goes with any color scheme. Filling an oblong bowl is one of the easiest autumn floral arrangements to make.

Arrange flowers in mini-gourds. 

Tiny bouquets are a fantastic way to make your guests feel special if you are hosting a dinner party during the autumn season. Carve out mini gourds, fill halfway with water, and arrange a variety of blooms inside. Place one on each dinner place for a gorgeous setting filled with fall flowers.

A huge plus to this application is that the tiny bouquets can also serve as favors for your guests. Although, offer each person a small bag or container to hold their arrangement so that the water doesn’t spill during transport. Our Autumn Sunset bouquet is ideal for breaking up into mini collections for your event.

Make a statement on your buffet table.

Whether you’re hosting a meal or merely want to spice up your space, creating a statement piece can do the trick in a hurry! Use a forgotten item—the one below was made using a vintage trophy—and put a flower frog into the bottom. 

Add water and style your blooms in a free and loose arrangement. The more flowers, the merrier in this instance! The Luxe size of our Family Feast bouquet would be lovely on its own or when paired with the dark roses of Kiss Me Cupid in your fall décor.

Let apples have their day. 

Mover over, pumpkins, there’s a new fruit in town! An apple a day will keep the doctor away (supposedly), but we think that this crisp fruit should have a moment to shine in your décor. Many families go apple picking, make apple pie, and fill their pantries with homemade apple butter during the season. 

For this application, hollow out the top of an apple to make space for a tea light. If you’d like to use these as place cards, find a sturdy leaf and use a metallic marker to write a name. Choose apples that will stand well on their own (or shave the bottom a bit). Take a peek at the full instructions for these adorable, yet simple, decorations that would pair well with a floral centerpiece, such as our stunning Fall in New England bouquet. 

Fill vintage bottles with clusters of blooms.

Deconstructing arrangements may seem complicated, but it’s effortless with the right tools. Collect colored vintage bottles—brown is perfect for autumn—and fill halfway with water. Take your bouquet and cut blooms to fit into the mini vases. Then place a few stems into each vessel. 

Doing so is a fabulous way to stretch your flower budget as you line the center of your table with miniature arrangements. Another plus is that each guest can have flowers within view. Any of our fall bouquets would break down into mini collections quite nicely. 

Engulf your table with multiple arrangements. 

Maybe you’re having a fall wedding or simply want your table to look like it. Either way, styling large vessels with multiple arrangements creates a high impact look in a dining room. Hues of gold, orange, and green create a beautiful, welcoming look.

Although the image below is from a wedding, there’s no reason you can’t mimic this design for everyday life. Flowers add texture, color, and vibrancy to any event, from an intimate meal for two to a gathering of hundreds. Our Cherry Brandy, Celebrate Good Times, and Sunny Side arrangements would all add a bit of pep to your dining room. 

No matter what’s in store for your autumn season, elegant fall centerpieces can be utilized to create ambiance and add interest throughout your home. Whether you deconstruct your bouquets or leave them as-is, get ready to spruce up your dwelling with our lovely fall floral selections