8 Fun Virtual Meet-Up Ideas To Keep Social Butterflies Connected While Social Distancing

Social distancing has made it difficult to hang out, but it shouldn't stop you from being connected. For social butterflies who miss meeting up with friends, consider hosting virtual activity dates instead. With the power of technology, you can still enjoy many of your favorite hobbies together from the comfort of your homes. Here’s some fun ways to stay connected until your next in-person meetup.

Bring weekend vibes back with a virtual brunch

Call your #BrunchSquad and coordinate a virtual brunch for a weekend afternoon. Set the scene to impress your friends with a stunning centerpiece fit for Sunday Brunch. Check for your favorite restaurant for delivery options and dish about your week over your favorite dishes and mimosas. 

      • What you’ll need:
        • A great brunch menu

woman eating with laptop virtual brunch social distancing

Host a virtual book club meeting 

Spending more time indoors is the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book (or podcast, if you prefer). Choose from a list of bestselling titles or trending podcasts to dive into. Encourage your friends to read the same book and host a virtual book club meeting to discuss it. Virtual book clubs are a great way to stay intellectually engaged and socially connected.

      • What you’ll need:
        • An engaging book or podcast
        • Snacks

virtual book club social distancing

Get artsy with a virtual “Paint & Sip” or craft night

If you’re feeling artsy, order paint supplies online and host a “paint and sip” night via video chat. Choose a painting theme like landscapes or abstract art, and chat as you complete your masterpiece. If you want to get your kids involved, host a virtual craft night for children and parents with projects like terrarium building, origami, or jewelry making.

      • What you’ll need:
        • Painting canvas or art paper
        • Paints and brushes
painting canvas crafts

Host the paw-fect virtual puppy playdate

Socializing your pet is essential to their wellbeing, but can be very difficult when they can’t physically interact with other animals. Consider hosting a virtual puppy playdate for your fur baby (because they miss their friends just as much as you do). Mount your phone on the floor with plenty of open space for your pup to run and play while you chat with your ‘hooman’ friend. Let your puppies virtually introduce themselves and bond as they play with their favorite toys.

      • What you’ll need:
        • Open space for your dog to play
        • Dog toys and treats
virtual puppy playdate puppy socializing

Get moving with a virtual fitness class

If you and your gym buddies are looking for a way to stay active during social distancing, invite them to attend an online workout class. There are many free online exercise groups that offer yoga, HITT, bodyweight and even crossfit classes. Staying fit is more fun when you have a workout partner, even if they’re just on-screen. 

      • What you’ll need:
        • Workout attire 
        • Exercise mat

virtual yoga class

Have fun with a video gaming session

Video games are a great way to stay connected with family and friends in a fun environment. Thanks to online gaming, you can enjoy a virtual game night without being in the same room. Start a multiplayer game on your game console, PC or phone and indulge in some healthy competition while you chat online. Some great options include Words With Friends, online Monopoly and Super Mario Party.

      • What you’ll need:
        • A gaming device (console, PC or phone)
        • A reliable wifi connection
woman playing video game xbox controller

Get happy with a virtual happy hour

If social distancing has you feeling more shaken than stirred, try catching up with friends during a virtual happy hour. Prepare your favorite drink and enjoy after-work conversation while you relax. If you miss bar games like darts and billiards, try an app like Houseparty that lets you play games like Pictionary and Heads Up while you video chat.

      • What you’ll need:
        • Your favorite happy hour drink
        • A video chatting app
virtual happy hour

Celebrate with a virtual party

Just because you can’t physically be there, doesn’t mean you can’t “be there” for special days. Plan to celebrate life achievements and milestones that you normally would, such as baby arrivals, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. 

If you’re hosting the celebration, send an e-vite to your family and friends for a specific day and time to log on and celebrate. Make the event festive by baking a cake or having one delivered and decorate a room in your home with household items and party supplies. If you’re attending an e-celebration, make sure you set aside time to give the person of honor your full attention. Celebrate the way you would for a traditional party by dressing up and having a gift delivered (like flowers) to the recipient that they can open during the event.

      • What you’ll need:
        • Party supplies
        • Gift delivery service 

virtual birthday

Don’t let social distancing keep you from spending time doing your favorite things with your favorite people. Staying social is even more important during social distancing, but it lets people know you care, even when you can’t be there. “Check on your extroverted friends, because they aren’t okay.”