6 Pink Flowers That Make Perfect Breast Cancer Awareness Bouquets

Many things mark the transition to autumn as folks settle into the fall season each year. Pumpkin spice flavorings, corn mazes, and flannel shirts suddenly come en vogue as leaves change to bright oranges and yellows. However, October specifically marks a different kind of commemorative color—pink for breast cancer awareness.

October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and The National Breast cancer Foundation’s mission is to educate people about the disease and preventative health measures. Honor those fighting and support finding a cure by sending breast cancer floral arrangements this fall. 

breast cancer flowers for mom

Although pink isn’t the traditional autumn hue, it was chosen by Susan B. Komen for the Cure as their signature color in 1982. Shades of Fuschia, rose, and blush are all appropriate during the season to offer hope for a future cure. The color pink also shows support to those women who are battling or have survived breast cancer. 

Who should receive breast cancer flower arrangements? 

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. You may know someone whose life has been affected by the disease or who has lost a loved one. However, there are several appropriate circumstances in which to give someone a breast cancer flower bouquet. 

  • Someone who is currently diagnosed with the disease would appreciate an arrangement in shades of pink. The color symbolizes hope, and you can help lift their spirits with a variety of flowers. For breast cancer patients, this can be a great source of encouragement as they undergo treatment.
  • Flowers given during October will have special significance for breast cancer survivors, as they remind them that they overcame an obstacle. 
  • Breast cancer awareness flowers are also appropriate for those who have lost someone due to the disease. Similar to sympathy flowers, receiving condolence flowers and knowing that their loved one is in your thoughts can mean the world to them when they receive a surprise bouquet. 
  • Breast cancer awareness flowers can also be gifted to a doctor or nurse who works with breast cancer patients. Honor the healthcare workers and the way that they care for their patients with a beautiful arrangement in pink tones.

pink roses breast cancer flowers

Best Flowers for Breast Cancer Floral Arrangements

While breast cancer awareness arrangements can also be symbolized with pure and hopeful white flowers, we’ll concentrate on pretty pink blooms to honor the symbolic meaning for breast cancer awareness.. There are many lovely flowers to incorporate into bouquets or gift on their own to bring awareness. 


Roses are one of the most versatile flowers as they come in so many hues. Light pink roses, like our Pink Bliss bouquet symbolize hope, grace, and elegance, so they are perfect to gift as breast cancer survivor flowers. Plus, everyone adores roses, which also come in hot pink, red, and blush. 

For those who adore deep tones, our Material Girl bouquet is filled with hot pink roses, which symbolize gratitude and appreciation. They’re ideal for someone who has survived their battle with cancer. 

Another fabulous—and appropriate—choice is our Empow-her arrangement. This mix of light pink roses with sunflowers is the perfect way to empower someone to fight. The feminine color combination is perfect to add a bit of sunshine during October. For a pastel-toned bouquet, choose our Strawberry Smoothie arrangement, which features light pink roses paired with creamy white roses

Our Sweetheart Bouquet combines both hot and pastel pink roses, or use our flower delivery service to send them, which highlights light pink blooms. Any of these arrangements—or anything in our pink rose collection— would show your support for finding a cure for breast cancer. 

hot pink roses breast cancer awareness

Starfighter Lilies

There’s no other name like “starfighter” to qualify the plan of attack for someone battling cancer. The five-year survival rate is an uplifting 90%, which shows that the fight is won by many diagnosed with the disease. Breast cancer floral arrangements can be a sign of encouragement and hope, and they can also be a way to look towards a brighter future. 

Our bouquet of Starfighter Lilies has variegated stargazer lilies in stunning tones of pink. A bonus is that these flowers are slightly fragrant so that they can perk up a space with both their color and scent.  

pink starfighter lilies breast cancer flowers

Gerbera Daisies

Bright, happy, uplifting. These are the words that come to mind when people think of gerbera daisies. Their sunny blooms come in both light and dark hues and blend with other flowers—yellow and orange, in particular—to add more radiance to a home.

Our Gerbera Dreamin’ arrangement has all of the hues mentioned above, and it’s a fabulous bouquet for combining fall and breast cancer awareness flower colors. For an equally vivid effect, our Celebrate Good Times bouquet combines hot pink gerberas with roses, hydrangea, and eucalyptus. 

breast cancer gerbera daises


Like many other blooms, snapdragons aren’t lacking for color. These flowers can provide a bit of the unexpected in tones of pink. If you have a friend who is battling breast cancer and loves humor, these would be perfect as you tell them to “snap to it” and get better.

Our colorful Make It Snappy arrangement consists solely of snapdragons in varying hues. Another especially lovely bouquet is our Flower Child, which blends pink snapdragons with flowers in tones of white, green, and purple. 

snapdragon assortment

Calla Lilies

Due to their unique shape, calla lilies are often used in bridal bouquets, but we think they deserve to be enjoyed every day! The name comes from the Greek word for beauty, yet other meanings include rebirth, faith, and overcoming challenges—all of which can encourage someone during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

These stately flowers genuinely make a statement because they are so unique. Shop our collection of calla lily bouquets.

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Carnations come in an array of colors—white, red, yellow—but we’re all about pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Often considered a filler flower, carnations accompany other blooms well, but can certainly hold their own and take center stage. Pink carnations symbolize a mother’s undying love, so giving them to someone who lost their mom or has a mom who is battling cancer is especially meaningful. 

For beautiful pink carnation combinations, check out our Hello Beautiful, featuring hot pink carnations, as a reminder that the recipient is beautiful, despite a discouraging diagnosisAnother upbeat and modern arrangement, featuring light pink carnations, is the Strawberry Lime Margarita bouquet. This bouquet, which is part of our Cocktail Collection, can be a nice way to send a floral "Cheers!" to someone who has survived breast cancer.

hello beautiful carnation and snapdragon breast cancer bouquet

Delivering a Breast Cancer Flower Bouquet

All of our bouquets come with a gift message of your choice printed on premium stationery. Tucking in a note is a fabulous way to offer encouragement and let the recipient know that you are thinking of them. Here are a few messages if you are wondering what to say. 

breast cancer awareness flowers

For Someone Battling Breast Cancer

  • You are strong—you can do this! 
  • You aren’t facing breast cancer alone. We will get through this together. 
  • I am here to fight along your side. 
  • Thinking of you during this month of awareness.

For a Survivor

  • I’m so thankful that you are a survivor. Your strength is an encouragement to me!
  • Thinking of you and your success story this month.
  • I love you and am thankful for you—especially during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

For Someone Who Lost a Loved One

  • I think about [insert loved one’s name] often and wanted to let you know that I miss [him/her], too. 
  • [Insert loved one’s name] was such a light. [He/she] is missed, and [his/her] light still shines brightly in my heart. 
  • I’m thinking about you this month. Let me know if you need anything—even if it’s just to talk and reminisce about [insert loved one’s name].

For Those Treating Breast Cancer Patients

  • You are such an encouragement. Thank you so much for all that you do.
  • I’m thankful for the help you provide—during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and always.
  • Thinking of you this month. What you do to help others is greatly appreciated!

Sending breast cancer awareness flowers is such a thoughtful thing to do during what could be a difficult month for some. Leave the work to us so that your recipient has little else to do besides enjoy your thoughtful gift in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.