11 Christmas Flowers and Greens to Spread Holiday Cheer

The Christmas spirit is all around us as twinkling lights, jolly music, and gift-giving is on everyone's mind. While some signs of the season include evergreen trees and children being extra good for Santa, there are also a few flowers that spread Christmas cheer throughout the holidays. Here are our picks for our favorite blooms that symbolize the season. 

Christmas Flowers to Spread Holiday Cheer


It's almost impossible to think about Christmas flowers without the poinsettia coming to mind first, and its history is fascinating. The flower originated in Mexico. However, it caught the eye of Joel Poinsett, who was the first US ambassador to Mexico. In the early 1800s, he started growing the plants, and the blooms made an appearance at the first Philadelphia Flower Show. The rest is history. 

In Mexico, there is a legend that a little girl had nothing to give the baby Jesus, so she plucked weeds as her gift. When she presented them to the babe, beautiful red flowers blossomed from the lowly plants. Religious connotations have the bloom representing the star of Bethlehem, and red poinsettias represent the blood of Christ, while white colors represent his purity. 

Where to Place Poinsettias: Poinsettias are relatively hardy, so that you can place them on porches and in entryways. These plants also make excellent hostess gifts and look lovely at the base of a Christmas tree amongst beautifully wrapped gifts.

Note: If you choose to bring poinsettias into your home, be careful around your pets as the sap can cause digestive issues.

poinsetta christmas flowers

Red Roses

Of course, red roses are traditional, and the deep tone adds pops of holiday spirit wherever you choose to place flowers in your home. Add a bouquet of red roses alongside evergreens or holly to add color to holiday greens. Traditionally, red roses symbolize love, so sending them to your beau during Christmastime is a fabulous idea! 

Where to Place Red Roses: Give these beauties a place in a prominent area where all can view them. Style a bouquet on your dining table or a kitchen island. Roses also look lovely when placed in wreaths and mixed with evergreens. 

red roses christmas flowers

Calla Lilies

Humans have long been intrigued with these flowers as there is a deep spiritual meaning of calla lilies. With roots in religion and Greek mythology, the bloom represents purity, faithfulness, and holiness. Calla lilies are closely related to Christ and appear in religious scenes, so it's no wonder that they are appropriate for Christmas time. 

Where to Place Calla Lilies: These unique, waxy flowers are perfect for adding a stunning design element to a bathroom or on a sofa table. Place these statement flowers in unexpected locations to draw attention to their beauty. 

christmas bouquet roses and lilies


For many families, the amaryllis symbolizes holiday cheer. One thing about these Christmas flowers is that it's generally given as a potted plant. The bulbs produce stately flowers with long stems that bloom around Christmas and make a gorgeous statement in any home. The amaryllis also has roots in Greek mythology and symbolizes love and passion. What a subtle yet beautiful way to communicate your feelings to the one you love. 

Where to Place Amaryllis: Because amaryllis is a plant composed of flowering bulbs, they are best kept where they can receive natural, but not harsh, light. You can also plant the bulbs outside once the weather warms up in the spring. 

christmas flowers amaryllis


Like roses, carnations have a language all their own, and red ones mean affection and love. The blooms are also perfect for the holidays and appear in many different flower arrangements. Interestingly enough, the Greeks and Romans used to grow carnations, and they are one of the oldest known flowers to be cultivated. 

Where to Place Carnations: Carnations are perfect for adding color and texture to otherwise forgotten spaces. Style an arrangement in the corner of the room, the mantel, or a guest room to brighten up a desolate area. 

red carnations christmas flowers

Christmas Cactus

This house plant has flowers that bloom around Christmastime, hence the name Christmas cactus. Although it looks similar to both the Thanksgiving and Easter cacti, the time of year that they bloom gives each their name. The Christmas cactus is easy to take care of as long as you water it periodically—don't overwater—and leave it in filtered, steady light. 

Where to Place Christmas Cactus: Because these are potted plants that need natural light to thrive, place them in an area that is softly lit. Once the warm weather hits and there is no danger of frost, these flowering plants adore residing on covered porches. You can also quickly propagate new plants by cutting and planting the leaves. 

christmas cactus

Daisy Poms

Daisy poms are some of the happiest flowers with their bright centers and ring of petals. These blooms are available in various colors, but we suggest using white, red, and green tones. If you need some recommendations, our Japanese Slipper and Cheer Poms arrangements showcase these adorable flowers beautifully in holiday-centric bouquets.

Where to Place Daisy Poms: If you're getting ready to use your formal living room for the holidays, daisy poms are a fabulous way to add a bit of fun into the space as you entertain guests. Styling them on a fireplace mantel or sofa table in your living room is also a smart idea.

christmas daisy poms

Green Roses

When you hear green roses, you may question the thought. However, these blooms aren't the emerald tones that generally come to mind. Often called wasabi, green roses have a light leafy hue and are unique Christmas flowers. The Wasabi flower arrangement features the blooms, so make a gorgeous statement by having a bouquet of roses in a little-seen color. 

Where to Place Green Roses: Since these are such a unique flower, style green roses in a foyer to greet guests. They are also stunning arranged to accent a buffet on a kitchen island or counter. 

wasabi green roses

Greenery Options to Compliment Christmas Flowers


Although other greens are more closely associated with the holiday season—more on that soon—eucalyptus is an attractive, modern option. The variety of leaves makes a beautiful base on which to build arrangements. Plus, fresh eucalyptus creates less of a mess than more traditional greenery choices. Our Emerald Isle arrangement is gorgeous on its own or used to design wreaths and table garlands. 

eucalyptus bouquet christmas flowers


With its gorgeous red berries and statement leaves, holly is easily clipped and brought inside for designing both wreaths and centerpieces. However, be careful when you cut branches as some species of holly have incredibly sharp leaves. The berries can also be attractive for animals to eat, so keep them out of your pets' reach. 

holly berries


Evergreens are one of the most popular greens to compliment Christmas flowers, and they can be a stunning addition to bouquets and entryways. Although the post-holiday cleanup can be a mess, many consider it worthwhile to have the scent and beauty of evergreens in their home during the holiday season. 

evergreen wreath holiday

Christmas flowers are such a beautiful addition to a home during the holidays. Whether you use blooms in your own home, give flowers as a hostess gift, or send arrangements to faraway loved ones, peruse our Christmas flowers collection for a variety of attractive options.